45+ Best Pokemon gifts for fans

Looking for a cool Pokémon gift for a fan? Whether they are into Pokémon cards, the video games, Pokémon GO, or the show, we have carefully curated the best Pokémon gifts for kids, teens, and adults.

In this gift guide for Pokémon fans, you’ll find something for every type of fan – perfect for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, or any special event. Discover awesome, cool, and unique Pokémon gifts for your loved ones.

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Our top pick from this list:

Cool Pokemon Gift Ideas for kids

1 – Kids Bath and Beach Hooded Towel Wrap

Hooded Towel Wrap
Turn shower time into a fun pokemon costume party thanks to this adorable Hooded Towel Wrap. Kids will love to wrap themselves into it and turn themselves into the famous Pikachu.

Made of cotton, the towel is soft and comfy. It is 24″ x 50″ so perfect for little kids (3 to 7 year-olds).

2 – Pokemon Digital Watch

Pokemon Watch
Any young kid who's a fan of Pokemon will find this watch awesome! It looks super cool and is perfect as a first watch. The brand offers several models as well as analog watches.

It comes with a nice gift box that can easily be repurposed to put some trinkets inside.

3 – Pokemon Torracat Construction Set

Kids usually like to build things – add to that a famous pokemon, and you’ve got the perfect Pokemon gift for children.

Pokemon Torracat Construction Set
This Pokemon Torracat Construction Set is challenging yet accessible and will look awesome on display once finished. It is articulated and features great detailing.

It comes with throughout instructions. It’s a bit more complicated than Legos, but a kid who is used to building things should be able to manage this on their own. Recommended age range is from 7 and up.

You can check out the seller’s store for more Pokemon building sets.

4 – Pokemon Dual Lunch Kit

Pokemon Lunch Bag
All the other kids at school will be jealous when they see this adorable Pokemon Lunch Bag. The design, the bright colors... everything looks really cool.

In addition, it’s a practical gift. This lunch bag is insulated to keep their food fresh and features a top compartement for added space. It also has a padded top handle to carry it around easily.

5 – Bath Bombs for Kids with Surprise Toys Inside

Bath Bombs for Kids with Surprise Toys Inside
Two gifts in one, these Poké-Bombs hide a small Pokémon figurine inside, a cute mystery gift. Kids will love seeing the bomb fizzes away and finding their surprise once the bomb has dissolved.

The bath bombs smell nice, each one has a different scent. They are made using natural ingredients, safe for kids to use.

You might not get the same Pokémon figurines as the ones pictured in the listing, they have hundreds of different Pokémons and add them randomly to the boxes.

6 – Pokémon Kids Coloring Art and Sticker Set

Coloring Art and Sticker Set
The complete Pokémon art kit, this Coloring Art and Sticker Set will make an awesome Pokémon gift for kids who like to work on art projects.

The box includes 4 markers, 5 crayons, a soft pencil pouch case, a No. 2 pencil, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, a 10-page sketchpad, and 2 sticker sheets – with over a hundred stickers.

7 – Official Pikachu Plush

No products found.

It can also be gifted to an adult who collects Pokémon stuff (or likes plushes).

You’ll find plushes for every type of Pokémons out there, if you know what their favorite Pokémon is then you should get them the plush for this Pokémon, otherwise, going with Pikachu is a safe bet.

8 – Super Soft Comforter and Sheet Set with Sham

Bedding sets always make good gifts for kids. They’re useful and children will love decorating their room with their favorite characters.

No products found.

The two sides of the comforter are different so they can choose which side they like best or alternate between the 2 graphics.

The set includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 1 standard pillowcase, 1 pillow sham, and 1 comforter that fit a twin bed.

9 – Pokemon Favorite Character Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Peel and Stick Wall Decals
Another great option for a Pokémon-themed bedroom, these Wall Decals will add a touch of color to their room.

The set includes 11 decals, 4 big ones, and then smaller ones, so you can arrange them as you want or add them to different rooms around the house.

They are easy to set up, just peel and stick them to the wall. You can also easily remove them and place them somewhere else.

10 – Pokemon Carry Case Playset

Pokemon Carry Case Playset
Perfect for kids who like playing with Pokémon toys, this Pokemon Carry Case Playset will make a great addition to their Pokémon toys collection.

It’s a super cool gift, the playset folds and can be carried like a backpack. It features different locations as well as hidden places. It only includes one figurine (Pikachu) – it’s meant to be played with 2″ battle ones.

This is an officially licensed Pokémon product.

11 – Electronic & Interactive My Partner Eevee

Electronic & Interactive My Partner Eevee
A cute little gift that moves and makes noise, this Eevee toy will make a great stocking stuffer or a welcome addition to a Pokémon-themed gift basket.

Between the moves and the sounds, there are over 50 interactions inside this little toy, it can dance and has a charge attack mode – a lot of fun for Pokémon fans!

Younger kids will love playing with it. There’s a touch sensor and a voice-activated function.

12 – Pikachu Hoodie

Pikachu Hoodie
A super cool Pokémon gift for kids, this Pikachu Hoodie looks and feels awesome. The inside is layered with sherpa fleece so it's super soft and nice to the touch. It will also keep you warm in cold weather.

The bright yellow and the hoodie are everything – young Pokémon fans will love it. On the back, you’ll find the graphic for Pikachu’s tail.

13 – Pokémon Backpack

Pokémon Backpack
With this cool Pokémon Backpack, they'll be the coolest kid at school for sure! With 3 pockets, it's super practical.

All the bags are great for school or as a daypack. They are sturdy and comfortable to carry for children as well as for teens.

Check out the seller’s store, they have a lot of different types of designs and characters.

It will make a useful gift that the Pokémon fan in your life will love.

14 – Pokemon Walkie Talkies

Pokemon Walkie Talkies
Kids usually love playing with gadgets, like Walkie Talkies, it's a lot of fun planning expeditions with friends or pretending to be some sort of spy or soldier on a mission and keeping in touch via this cool gadget.

This Pokemon Walkie Talkies are static-free and have an extended range that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor games. It will make a cool Pokémon gift for kids.

15 – Clip and Go Action Figure

Pocket Ball Monsters
Get ready to turn your house or garden into a battlefield with these awesome Clip and Go Action Figure. The set includes a Bulbasaur figurine and its Poke Ball. The seller also has other Pokémons available.

It definitely is a cool Pokemon gift for kids. They’ll enjoy playing with it, and will feel transported into the animation.

16 – Pokemon-Go Electronic Piggy Bank

No products found.

Just add a coin, push the button, and Pikachu will come out of the box to grab it while making some cute sounds.

17 – Pokemon Felties: How to Make 16 of Your Favorite Pokemon

Pokemon Felties
The book includes instructions on how to make 16 different Pokemons and materials to make one Pikachu. It's great for people who are crafty. The patterns are challenging and some Pokemons might be tricky to figure out for a child, so adult guidance is recommended.

For kids who are into crafts, this Pokemon Felties Set will make a cool and thoughtful gift.

Keep in mind, that it doesn’t include tools and felt (just enough felt for Pikachu), someone who’s into craft will probably already have the tools needed but might need to get felt.

18 – The Pokémon Cookbook: Easy & Fun Recipes

The Pokémon Cookbook
Learn to turn basic food into Pokémons thanks to this fun Pokémon Cookbook. Make a Pokeball sushi roll, Pikachu ramen, or mashed Meowth potatoes for your next meal.

Kids who like to cook will love this recipe book, it’s fun and original. It includes 35 recipes from appetizers to desserts to accommodate all tastes.

19 – Custom Pokemon Nameplate

Custom pokemon name

Perfect to decorate their bedroom with a special Pokémon touch, this Custom Nameplate features the Pokémon official font and will look awesome in any Pokémon fan’s room.

It will also make a great gift for gamers, you can have their gamer tag printed and have it mirrored so it will look the right way on camera if they live stream when playing.

20 – Pokemon Travel Neck Pillow

No products found.

Best Pokémon Gift Ideas for adults

21 – Eevee Wearable Blanket

Eevee Wearable Blanket

Have you ever seen something as cute as this? We’re pretty sure even non-Pokémon fans would love this. It’s the perfect gift for homebodies who like to be comfy and warm when hanging out at home.

This Eevee Wearable Blanket is the perfect thing to wear on cold nights when watching a Pokémon episode or playing the video game.

It’s pretty big, you’ll have plenty of space around it, it’s also just the right length to be practical. The fabric is extra soft to the touch.

22 – Pikachu Kitchen Apron

Pikachu Apron

Make cooking fun with the Pikachu Kitchen Apron – a perfect gift for the Pokémon fan that likes to cook. With Pikachu and some cute text, it’s cute and useful.

It’s made of quality linen and the design is embroidered. It’s a heavy-duty apron that can also be used to paint or for any manual labor.

You can customize it if you want, adding their name or a personalized quote, and pick a different color or pokemon.

23 – Pokemon Shower Curtain

No products found.

This shower curtain is sturdy and durable, it’s also mildew proof.

It will make a nice addition to a Pokémon fan’s bathroom. It’s cute and well designed with a simple yet adorable graphic.

24 – Pokemon Charmander 20oz Heat Changing Mug

Pokemon Charmander 20oz Heat Changing Mug
For the Pokemon fan who can't stay away from coffee or who enjoys a warm cup of tea, this Heat Changing Mug will make an awesome gift.

Just fill the mug with hot water, and flames will start appearing around Charmander.

More than just a mug, the special heat changing feature makes it a unique thing to have.

25 – Pikachu Onesie

Pikachu Onesie
Because you know they love Pikachu and because you want them to look cool, you need to get them these unique officialy licensed Pikachu pajamas. This way, they can look stylish when they go to sleepovers.

With ears, a tail, and Pikachu detailing, your friend or relative will look amazing.

Apart from looking great, this onesie is soft and comfortable to wear and is the perfect thing to wear to re-watch Pokemon episodes or to wear to a costume party.

You can easily find onesies for other Pokémons as well if they like another one better.

26 – Controller for Nintendo Switch – Pokémon Great Ball

Controller for Nintendo Switch
For the Pokémon fan who has a Nintendo Switch and loves to play the Pokémon video games, this cool Pokémon Great Ball Controller will make a nice addition to their gaming set up.

It connects wirelessly via BlueTooth and features an ergonomic design with standard button layout, motion controls, and mappable advanced gaming buttons.

27 – Hand Sanitizer Holder

Hand Sanitizer Holder
This cute Hand Sanitizer Holder will make a perfect stocking stuffer or small gift to add to a Pokémon-themed gift basket for fans of Pikachu.

You can easily attach it with your keys or to a bag. It will fit a 1-ounce travel-size bottle.

28 – Dress Socks

Dress Socks
Everyone needs a couple of fun socks to add a special touch to any outfit, on any occasion. On this special day, gift the Pokémon fan in your life these cute Pokemon Socks.

The pack includes 5 pairs, each with a different Pokémon-themed design.

These crew-length socks are made of a cotton blend, which is breathable, soft, and stretchy.

29 – Mini Madeleine Pikachu Molds

No products found.

Made of silicone, they are easy to use and show great detailing. You can make a bunch of different cakes with it, even soaps, resin, or chocolate.

The cakes will look adorable.

30 – Pikachu Embroidered Shirt

T-shirts always make great gifts, especially the themed ones. Pikachu lovers will love wearing this adorable Pikachu Shirt. The color is perfect, yellow, but not too bright, easy to match with other colors and blend with any style.

The seller also makes crewneck sweatshirts in the same style, the yellow is just a bit darker. The quality is exceptional and you’ll find sizes for both men and women.

31 – Pokémon Bulbasaur Planter

Pokemon planter

A cute little decorative planter for someone who likes having plants around, this Pokémon Bulbasaur Planter will make an adorable gift.

Well crafted, it comes in three sizes and four colors, all pretty neutral so it should blend well with any color scheme.

It is made of plastic and is 3D printed, but it’s pretty sturdy and durable. It doesn’t come with the succulent.

Cool Pokémon Gifts for Fans of All Ages

32 – Throw Blanket

No products found.

Featuring a bunch of different characters, the blanket is colorful and can also be used to bring a special touch to your friend or relative’s interior design, thrown over the bed or couch.

33 – Pokémon Bubble – 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
For a Pokémon fan who likes doing jigsaw puzzles, this Pokémon Bubble Puzzle will make a cool gift.

With 500 pieces, it’s challenging yet not too hard. Older children, teens, and adults will have fun completing this colorful puzzle.

It comes with a poster to help you finish the puzzle. It is manufactured in the US and comes with a missing piece guarantee. It’s also an officially licensed Pokémon merch.

34 – 3D Night Light

No products found.

35 – Pokémon Battle Figure 8-Pack

Pokémon Battle Figure 8-Pack
The pack includes 8 figurines ready for battle, some are even articulated. It's perfect for kids to play with or for grown-ups to put on display and add to their Pokémon collection.

36 – Pokémon Electronic Die-Cast PokeBall Replica

Die-Cast PokeBall Replica
  • Highly accurate, electronic, display-grade replica with a finely detailed metal shell and a premium painted finish
  • Lovingly brought to life with proximity-sensing technology
  • Motion sensor activated multicolor button that changes light color or starts a Pokémon-catching illumination sequence
  • Opening presentation case lifts and illuminates the Original Poké Ball for display
  • Uniquely-numbered collectible

It’s a collector official licensed Pokémon merch, it’s meant to be put on display (not to be played with).

Made of metal, it is equipped with proximity-sensing technology, the Pokeball’s button glows when it senses motion; pressing the button changes the light color or starts a Pokémon-catching illumination sequence.

A great present for the Pokemon trainer in your life.

37 – Pokemon Go Plus MEGACOM Dual Catchmon

Pokemon Go Plus MEGACOM Dual Catchmon
A must-have for anyone playing Pokémon Go, the MEGACOM Dual Catchmon will help them catch Pokémons as they go.

It will help them automatically catch Pokemons  and collects Pokeballs, potions, and stardust.

It can connect to two devices at the same time.

The perfect present for the Pokemon trainer in your life.


No products found.

39 – Pokémon Collection Keychain

Pokémon Collection Keychain
This Pokémon Collection Keychain features no less than four different Pokémons. They're all cute and colorful, the perfect small gift for the Pokemon fan in your life.

Key chains always make nice budget-friendly gifts especially themed ones based on the recipient’s hobbies as they’ll be reminded of you every time they use their keys.

40 – Monopoly Game: Pokémon Johto Edition

No products found.

Buy and sell Pokémons instead of properties and build Poké Marts and Pokémon Centers instead of houses and hotels in this Pokémon version of the popular board game.

The whole family can play, it will make the perfect addition to game nights.

41 – Pokemon Terrarium Sleepy Bulbasaur

Pokemon Terrarium

Definitely, a unique Pokémon gift, this Sleepy Bulbasaur Terrarium is original and you’re sure the Pokémon fan in your life won’t already have something similar.

A one-of-a-kind item, once lit up it will create a magical atmosphere.

It comes wrapped in a pokeball box and includes a Pikachu gift bag and a card – perfect for a Pokemon trainer!

42 – Personalized Enamel Mug

Personalised Enamel Mug

Pick an element and add their name and you’ll get an awesome customized mug, perfect to gift the Pokémon lover in your life.

You can choose from four different graphics and four different types of mugs.

Pokémon Gifts for Boyfriends

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43 – My Best Catch Message In Bottle

My Best Catch Message In Bottle
A cute little gift full of meaning for your boyfriend or husband, this Message In a Bottle features a pokeball inside a bottle and comes with a thoughtful message.

You can choose from three different messages and three different types of gift boxes.

It will make an awesome Pokémon gift for your boyfriend if you are looking for something sentimental.

44 – Custom Pokémon Portrait

An awesome Pokémon gift for your boyfriend, this Custom Pokémon Portrait is a one-of-a-kind gift.

Choose the background and Pokémon and send the seller a picture of you and your boyfriend and they will create a unique portrait.

They will send you a digital version and you’ll need to have it printed online or at your local printer – so plan ahead.

45 – POKEMON ANIME Couples Keychain

A romantic gift for couples, this Keychain is adorable and full of meaning. Each one gets half of a pokeball and you can choose what’s engraved on the plaque.

Your boyfriend will be reminded of you each time he uses his keys.

46 – GOLD I Choose You Pokémon Card

Made from steel, this gold-plated custom Pokémon card will make an adorable Pokémon gift for your boyfriend. Featuring a Pikachu holding a heart and cute messages, your boyfriend will love adding this card to his collection.

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