Fun Christmas Traditions for Newlywed couples

fun Christmas traditions for newlywed couples

If you’ve recently gotten married, spending your first Christmas together is something special to look forward to. Not only are there an abundant amount of fun Christmas traditions for couples, but starting your Christmas traditions as a newlywed couple gives you so many options for fun holiday rituals. Christmas is such a magical time of … Read more

Magical Christmas Traditions to Start with Baby and Share as a New Family

Christmas traditions to start with baby

If you are new parents this year, you may be assuming that Christmas will be relatively low-key and uneventful since your baby is too young to enjoy the magic of the holidays. But, realistically,  it’s actually the perfect time to incorporate new traditions as a first-time family of three. You can set the foundation for … Read more

26 Weird and Funny Christmas Traditions Around the World

Funny Christmas traditions around the world

Each year millions of people come together and celebrate Christmas. After centuries and centuries of yearly celebrations, different traditions have emerged around the world, some of whose origin predates Christianity. From funny to downright scary, some traditions are quite unique and a lot of fun to learn about. We have compiled a list of 26 … Read more

10 Beautiful Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas Tree ideas

Christmas season is coming soon and you want to get into some holiday spirit. Discover great Christmas tree ideas to decorate your house, from ways to ornate your live or fake tree to DIY trees to make from scratch. Find some inspiration and get ready to add a special Christmas tree to your house! Related … Read more