Finding Inspiration with Garlands & Confetti

Hi, my name is Julia, the founder and editor of Garlands & Confetti, I’ve started this site with one simple mission let my creativity run free and help people find inspiration.

I’ve always been big on organizing things, as a kid I remember enrolling my siblings and throwing fashion shows, theater plays, and even protests!

I’ve studied communication with the idea of working in the event industry and worked for a while in the hospitality industry. But, traveling was my true passion so I packed everything and went on a trip that lasted years.

I started this website (and others) to put my skills to good use while having the freedom to be able to work from anywhere in the world.

Julie writer at Garlands & Confettis

I now live in France with my husband where we spend our weekends exploring this beautiful country.

This website aims to help people find inspiration and creative ideas so they can throw a great party, find the perfect gift, or celebrate the holidays.

Party Planning Inspiration

Throwing a party can be stressful as there are so many details to think about and ideas to come up with.

Whether you’re planning an anniversary party for your parents, a baby shower, a summer party, or a birthday bash, you’ll find ideas for theme, decoration, food, and entertaining – as well as party planning tips for a smooth organization.

Holiday Cheers

There’s nothing I love more than the holidays, be it Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day.

Whether you’re hosting a party or just want to find things to do or traditions to start with your family, Garlands & Confetti features plenty of articles to help get into the holiday mood.

You’ll also find thoughtful ways to celebrate important life milestones such as your anniversary, graduation, moving into a new home

Finding That Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect gift can be a real struggle – especially if you have no ideas on what to buy to start with.

These gift guides are here to help you find the perfect gift without breaking the bank, inspiring you to give carefully curated presents and surprise your loved ones with the best gift ever.

Not only that but I make sure every product I recommend is the best of the best and that every article, guide, and review I write is well-researched and written with you and your loved ones in mind.

That being said, keep in mind that most people declare that their favorite gifts are the ones they asked for. But, you can still get them a little something funny, cute, or sentimental.