The Best Rick and Morty Gifts in the Multiverse

With five seasons and 42 episodes aired so far, what started as a niche TV show, quickly exploded into the #1 comedy for millennials with an average of 2.5 million viewers, out-pacing titans like The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family.

No wonder you know someone who’s into this iconic TV show!

Whether you are yourself a big fan of the show or know nothing about it, we have come up with the coolest Rick and Morty gifts out there any fan will adore.

If you are looking for a gift for Christmas, a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or any other special event for the Rick and Morty fan in your life, you’ll find something they’ll love in this awesome gift guide for viewers of the iconic TV show.

When choosing a gift for a Rick and Morty fan, try to figure out what type of fan they are.

If they are obsessed with the show and collect merch and anything Rick and Morty, then you can pretty much get them anything from this list, and they’ll love it (just make sure they don’t already own it).

However, not everyone is into collecting figurines or decorating their bedroom with Rick and Morty stuff. For this type of fan, choose something useful rather than decorative, something like a game, a mug, maybe a piece of clothing, anything really that they can use in their daily life.

In this Ricky and Morty gift guide, you’ll find ideas for every type of fan and every type of person. So let’s get schwifty and dive into the crazy world of Rick and Morty, exploring this endless multiverse, Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

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Our top pick from this list:

Rick and Morty Gifts

1 – Funko Pop! Animation: Rick & Morty Figurines

For collectors and avid fans of the show, a figurine will make an awesome Rick and Morty gift. With tons of different characters from tons of different episodes to choose from, you’ll probably find one they don’t already have.

When it comes to collector figurines, Funko – and their line Funko Pop! – is one of the leaders on the market. They make quality collectibles for all popular shows, comics, and anime. Check out their store for more Rick and Morty figurines.

2 – Rick & Morty T-Shirt

T-shirts always make great gifts, especially when they’re themed with something the recipient love. It’s also easy to wear and everyone wears a shirt at least once in a while, so you’re sure it will be appreciated. You’ll find tons of Rick and Morty shirts to choose from for any taste and anyone.

Choosing might be hard as all of them look amazing. Try to learn if they have a favorite character or episode to help you pick the best one.

3 – Mattel Games UNO Rick and Morty

Mattel Games UNO Rick and Morty
Everyone knows UNO and most people enjoy playing it. For Rick and Morty fans who like the card game, this themed UNO will make a cool gift.

All cards feature graphics from the show, and this special deck has a special “Mr. Meeseeks” rule that lets you search the discard pile for a useful card.

It will make a fun stocking stuffer or budget-friendly Rick and Morty gift, and a perfect addition to game nights.

4 – Monopoly Rick and Morty Board Game

Monopoly Rick and Morty Board Game
Another game with a twist, this Rick and Morty version of the classic Monopoly will be a welcome gift for someone who likes board games.

Everyone can play, even if they know nothing about the show. It’s basically the same rules as the regular monopoly, except that you buy, sell, and trade locations from the Rick & Morty Multiverse – including the Cromulon Dimension, Gazorpazorp, and Planet Squanch – using custom Flurbo currency.

Hotels and houses are replaced by Flooble Cranks and Gooble Boxes.

5 – Rick and Morty Backpack

Rick and Morty Backpack
For the true fan who wants to show their love of the hit series everywhere they go, this backpack will make an awesome Rick and Morty gift.

The backpack is sturdy and made of quality vegan leather to prevent wear and tear.

6 – Posters

Rick and Morty Poster
Pick their favorite character or scene and turn it into a beautiful print. You'll find plenty of design options and different sizes. You can also choose between a framed or an unframed version.

It will be hard to pick one as all the prints look amazing. Try to pick one that will fit their home’s color scheme.

7 – Custom Rick and Morty Family Portrait Poster

Probably the most awesome gift on this list, turn your family or group of friends into a Rick and Morty inspired painting.

Custom Rick and Morty Family Portrait Poster
You can choose from a bunch of different backgrounds or ask for a custom one. Just send the seller a photo of the people you want to have in the poster, and they'll make it happen. You get unlimited revisions, so you're sure to get something perfect.

A true piece of art, the seller will incorporate you into a Rick and Morty universe and will turn you into a cartoon character.

8 – Wanted Men’s Pajamas Poster

Sleep in style with these fun pajamas inspired by the famous show.

Wanted Men's Pajamas Poster
They're soft and comfy and will make an awesome Rick and Morty gift. Pajamas are always useful things to have and, because you only wear them at home, it's ok to go a little overboard with the Rick and Morty theme.

9 – 50PCS Waterproof Vinyl Stickers

The perfect stocking stuffer or thing to add to a Rick and Morty themed gift basket, these stickers will surely be a hit.

Waterproof Vinyl Stickers
The set includes 50 stickers depicting iconic scenes and famous characters.

Because they’re waterproof and high quality you can pretty much stick them anywhere – a car, water bottle, computer… – they shouldn’t fade and will stay put.

10 – Peace Among Worlds Socks

Socks always make great gifts for people with a sentimental side, they’ll be reminded of you every time they see them and of how you thought of them.

Peace Among Worlds Socks
The Peace Among Worlds socks are a must-have piece of apparel for any Rick and Morty fans. This set includes two pairs of socks, and Rick flipping the bird, as he's accustomed to.

11 – Open Portal Smartwatch Band

For the hardcore fan who owns a smartwatch, the Open Portal Smartwatch Band will make an epic Rick and Morty gift.

Open Portal Smartwatch Band
This is an official Rick and Morty merchandise that will bring a special touch to any outfit. It is compatible with Apple Watches (Series 1 through 9, Ultra, Ultra 2, and SE) and any other brands that have a 22mm pin.

The band is made with sweat and UV-resistant silicone for durability and comfort.

Bonus: it glows in the dark! 

12 – Gaming Mouse Pad

Gaming Mouse Pad
For the fan of the show who's also into gaming, this gaming mouse pad will make an awesome addition to their computer setup.

First things first, it features almost all characters from Rick and Morty – then, it’s the perfect gaming pad with 10 lighting mode, a soft micro-textured cloth surface to ensure precise mouse control and consistent stability, it’s water-resistant, and is made of high elasticity natural rubber for durability with an anti-slip base – perfect for gamers!

13 – Good Luck Undies

Good Luck Undies
Every man should have a pair of lucky undies, on this special occasion gift the Rick and Morty fan in your life this beautiful pair of boxer briefs that is sure to bring them luck.

Made of a modal-viscose blend, they are soft and breathable, comfortable to wear – and the design is just so funny. It will make a perfect gag gift or if you want something to put a smile on his face.

14 – Szechuan Dipping Sauce Shot Glass

Szechuan Dipping Sauce Shot Glass
A great Rick and Morty gift for booze lovers, this Szechuan Dipping Sauce Shot Glass is collectible and a must-have for any fan. The packaging and design are a lot of fun, the box the shot glass comes in looks like a Chinese take-out box (Rick and Morty style of course).

It can also double as a dipping sauce holder and will make a perfect decorative piece to add on display.

15 – Morty Pottery Planter

Morty Pottery Planter
Definitely a unique gift he won't already have or have seen somewhere else, this chia seed planter shaped like Morty's head is just hilarious.

It takes between 1 to 2 weeks to grow and after you can style it as you want. It comes with detailed instructions on how to plant the seeds and take care of the plant.

They also have Rick’s head available if you prefer.

16 – Rick and Morty Anatomy Park Game

Rick and Morty Anatomy Park Game
Inspired by the famous Anatomy Park, this board game is a lot of fun and fans will be reminded of one of the show's cult episodes.

It’s a hilarious, competitive tile-placing strategy game that takes place within the body of Ruben, the homeless department store Santa!

Players will be designing the park, vying for the best spots, and shifting internal organs around to suit their needs. Unfortunately, Ruben is not the most stable host out there, so time (and Ruben) may expire before you know it!

17 – Rick and Morty 3D Coasters

Rick and Morty 3D Coasters
A perfect stocking stuffer or addition to a Rick and Morty inspired gift basket, these Rick and Morty coasters look awesome.

Fans will love having them and using them when receiving guests or simply to put on display.

The set includes four different coasters each featuring a different character (Featuring Rick, Morty, Meeseeks, and Mr. Poopy butthole).

18 – 12″ Snowball with Sound Collectible Figure

Snowball with Sound Collectible Figure
A plush with a twist, this Snowball Funko Plush is coming to dominate all humans - just kidding - but in all cases, your friend or relative will just love it and might get addicted.

Snowball is the family dog, and thanks to the helmet designed by Rick, he’s able to talk at some point.

The plush is cute and of good quality – perfect to cuddle with or put on display. It also makes noises, the sound quality and effects are spot on to what the show had.

19 – Morty Monster Mayhem Figure

Morty Monster Mayhem Figure
The perfect stocking stuffer, budget-friendly gift, or addition to a Rick and Morty gift basket, this Morty Monster Mayhem Figure is an awesome gift for fans of the show who like to collect figurines.

It looks awesome and cool, and will be perfect on display where ever you put it.

20 – Middle Finger Tapestry Indoor Wall Banner

Middle Finger Tapestry Indoor Wall Banner
A classic move by Rick, flipping the bird - this tapestry will remind your friend or relative of this funny character. Perfect to decorate a fan's house, they'll be able to showcase their love for the show and will be reminded of you every time they see it.

You can choose from different designs and sizes. It comes with aluminum grommets so you can hang it easily.

21 – Rick and Morty Collectibles | Collector’s LookSee Box

Collector's LookSee Box
Gift 5 presents in one with this collector's LookSee Box. All the items included in the box are official merch and collectibles and any Rick and Morty fan will love adding them to their collection.

The box includes a fleece throw blanket, an enamel collector pin featuring the iconic green portal Ricky and Morty use to time travel through, a red plastic cup, a garlic-scented Pickle Rick air freshener for the car, and an awesome ceramic coin bank recreation of the Mr. Meeseeks Box O fun.

Everything comes packaged inside a themed box.

22 – Rick and Morty Sweatpants

Rick and Morty Sweatpants
Perfect to chill at home or for a casual yet fun look, these sweatpants are a must-have for any Rick and Morty fans.

There are several designs to choose from and all look amazing, with vibrant colors and well-chosen scenes from iconic episodes.

These sweatpants are soft, breathable, and comfy. They come in 5 sizes and are printed on one side, the back is black.

23 – Fleece Throw Blanket

Fleece Throw Blanket
For the homebody or someone who's always cold, this Fleece Throw Blanket will make an awesome Rick and Morty gift.

It’s super soft and comfy, perfect to cuddle with when watching an episode of their favorite show, or to throw over a couch or bed for a nice decorative touch.

24 – Time to Get Schwifty Snapback Hat

Featuring one of the series most popular episodes, Get Schwifty is a song sung by Rick and Morty to save Earth after a giant head disrupts the planet.

Time to Get Schwifty Snapback Hat
The cap is a quality officially licensed merch that will make a thoughtful Rick and Morty gift for the fan in your life.

With a snap closure, it should adjust well to most head sizes, and will work for both, men and women.

25 – Portal Heat Reactive Coffee Mug

Portal Heat Reactive Coffee Mug
More than just a classic mug, this is probably the coolest mug out there for Rick and Morty fans. Once you pour any warm beverage inside, the outside design will change and reveal a whole new drawing.

It’s the perfect gift for fans of the show that are also into science or have a geeky side.

26 – Bedding Set

Duvet Cover Set
For the unconditional fans who want to turn their room into a Rick and Morty den, this bedding set will make a perfect gift.

The set includes one duvet cover and one or two pillow cases. It comes in 4 sizes (twin, full, queen, and king)

27 – Shopper Tote Bag

Shopper Tote Bag
When it comes to Rick and Morty merch, everything always looks stunning, with colorful and fun designs and prints. This tote bag is no exception. It will make a perfect Rick and Morty gift for both, men and women.

Tote bags are always useful things to have, to go grocery shopping, for the beach, or just as an everyday purse. It will make a thoughtful and useful gift.

This one is licensed as official merch and is pretty sturdy and well made.

You can also use it as a “basket” if you are planning on doing a Rick and Morty gift basket.

28 – Mr. Meeseeks’ Box O’ Fun

Meeseeks materialize after pressing a button on a certain box, they are creatures who are created to serve a singular purpose for which they will go to any length to fulfill.

Mr. Meeseeks' Box O' Fun
The Mr. Meeseeks' Box O' Fun is a hilarious adult party game, and best of all, players don't have to know the show to enjoy it.

You cannot summon a Meeseek from this box, but you can get pretty close to it, giving dare to other players and making them do what you want.

Be ready for an uncomfortably good time with crazy, embarrassing, downright juicy dares.

29 – Rick and Morty Rubik’s Cube

As you probably have noticed by now, when it comes to Rick and Morty merch, you’ll find tons of games to choose from.

Rick and Morty Rubik's Cube
The officially licensed and collectible Rick and Morty Rubik’s Cube featuring Rick, Morty, Pickle Rick, Squanchy, Birdperson, and Mr. Meeseeks will make an awesome gift idea for fans of the show.

It comes with a stand so it will double as a decorative item to showcase in any room.

30 – Rick and Morty AirPods Case Cover

AirPods Case Cover
A super cool-looking AirPods Case Cover, fans of the show who owns AirPods will look amazing with this must-have accessory.

It will keep their AirPods safe, and easy to find as they can attach the case to their keys or bag. It’s definitely a practical thing to have, you can charge them without having to remove the cover as well. It’s compatible with Airpods 1 and 2.

31 – Scary Terry Costume Robe

Scary Terry Costume Robe
A cool and practical gift, this robe is sure to please any Rick and Morty fan. Scary Terry is an iconic character from the show and he inspired this awesome-looking plush robe.

The robe is soft and comfy, perfect to hang out at home in. It’s also an officially licensed Rick and Morty collectible.

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