25 Unusual Gifts for Train Lovers

Looking for unique gifts for train lovers and enthusiasts? Whether they have worked all their life in the railroad industry, love going on train journeys, or are just fans of everything related to trains, we have found the best presents for train lovers of all ages.

In this gift guide, discover train-themed gifts they’ll love, for Christmas, their birthday, retirement, or any special event. We’ve selected a wide array of items that will make ideal presents for kids and train gifts for adults.

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Our top pick from this list:

Best gifts for train lovers

1 – Locomotive Train Wall Clock

Locomotive Train Wall Clock
With its vintage design, this Locomotive Train Wall Clock will make a thoughtful gift for railway lovers. It will be a nice thing to add to their train-themed collection to keep track of time and to enhance their home decor.

Inspired by traditional steam engine locomotives, the design is top-notch and the clock is cast in designer resin for a vintage look.

It’s easy to hang on the wall and works with AA batteries.

2 – Vintage Leather Journal

Vintage Leather Journal
For someone who likes to write down things or is used to journaling, this Vintage Leather Journal will make a useful gift for a train enthusiast.

The faux-leather cover features a steam engine train and stunning gear detailing, all in relief. It looks really nice and old (in a good way). For someone who’s passionate about trains and in particular, steam engines, it will be a useful and beautiful thing to have.

It also comes with a diamond pen (you can buy refills).

3 – Historical Train Pocket Watch

Historical Train Pocket Watch
For someone who's into trains, the history of railroads, and vintage objects, this Pocket Watch is a must-have.

This watch commemorates the 150th anniversary of the construction of the first transcontinental railroad in America, and the ceremony of the golden spike in Promontory Summit (when and where the lines were finally joined).

The watch is beautifully made with impressive detailing. It comes with 2 chains and is a North American railroad-approved watch.

4 – Railroad Spike Bottle Opener

Railroad Spike Bottle Opener
A fun railway gift for the train lover in your life, this Railroad Spike Bottle Opener is a unique object that will be appreciated by someone who is passionate about trains.

It’s also useful as it’s a bottle opener. It’s a cute and inspiring present that will put a smile on your friend, coworker, or relative’s face. They’ll be reminded of you every time they use it.

To add an extra sentimental value to it, you can customize it by adding their name, initials, or a short message, either at the top, on the side, or in both locations.

5 – Personalized Train Station Engraved Wooden Sign

Personalized Train Station Engraved Wooden Sign
Custom gifts are always good options when looking for meaningful gifts. For the train lover in your life, you can get them this Personalized Train Station Wooden Sign to decorate their home with something they love.

The sign features their name like if they owned the railroad, with an engraved train and detailing. It’s made of pine wood and is handcrafted with care.

It comes with a saw tooth hanger on the back so you can install easily and quickly.

6 – Locomotive Sculpture

Locomotive Sculpture
If the train lover in your life likes to collect or decorate their home with train-related objects, this Locomotive Sculpture will be a welcome addition to their home decor or collection.

The sculpture represents a futuristic steam engine locomotive and is made of resin, with stunning detailing and brass and copper-colored accents

7 – Vinyl Record Wall Clock with LED

Vinyl Record Wall Clock with LED
Another cool clock for train lovers, this Wall Clock will make an original and unique gift. It's made of up-cycled vinyl records and includes a LED light for a cool effect when used in the dark.

It will come with a remote to change the color of the light and modify brightness, transitions, speed…


Guardian Bell
Meant to bring good luck, this cute little bell will make a nice keyring or small decorative item. With a train engraved on the outside, it's a nice stocking stuffer or budget-friendly railway gift for a train enthusiast.

The bell is made in the USA with lead-free pewter.

9 – Jupiter Steam Train Engine (Locomotive) Keychain

Keychains usually make nice presents, it’s small and thoughtful if you pick the right one, and the recipient will be reminded of you every time they use their keys.

Jupiter Steam Train Engine (Locomotive) Keychain
This Jupiter Steam Train Keychain represents the Jupiter locomotive that made history when it joined the Union Pacific No. 119 at Promontory Summit, Utah, during the Golden Spike ceremony commemorating the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad in 1869.

It will make a thoughtful gift for train lovers who are passionate about the history of American trains and railroads.

10 – Lionel Disney Christmas LionChief 0-8-0 Set

For kids or kids at heart, this train set will make an awesome present. It’s one of the best gifts for model train lovers.

LionChief 0-8-0 Set
Lionel is known for its quality train sets. Their Disney Christmas set is the perfect thing to add around a Christmas tree and add some holiday spirit to a room.

It’s easy to assemble and works via BlueTooth so you can control it via your phone or a remote. It also makes classic train sounds and “Mickey Mouse announcements” as well. The trees and gifts are removable.

11 – Vintage Locomotive Engine & Car Body Patent Prints

Vintage Locomotive Engine & Car Body Patent Prints
A beautiful gift to improve their home decor and showcase their love for everything related to train, these Vintage Locomotive Engine & Car Body Patent Prints will add a special touch to their home.

Inspired by ancient patent prints, these prints are designed and printed in the US by a North Carolina artist. You can frame them or use them as is.

It’s printed on quality paper and should blend well with any color scheme as the colors used are pretty neutrals.

12 – Lazy One Funny Boxers

Lazy One Funny Boxers
If you want to go with a funny gift to make the train lover in your life laugh, these Funny Boxers by Lazy One are a good option.

It will make a hilarious gag gift for any man who likes trains.

It’s made of cotton with a loose fit so it is super soft and comfortable to wear.

13 – Train-themed Socks

Train-themed Socks
Another great apparel option with a train theme, these socks will bring a special touch to their everyday outfit. They're fun and cute - comfortable to wear - and your friend or relative will think of you every time they see them.

Socks, even though pretty basic, make perfect gifts for sentimental people. If you pick a pair related to one’s passion or hobby, it will definitely make a thoughtful gift.

14 – Locomotive T-Shirt

Locomotive T-Shirt
Help them showcase their love of trains with this simple yet thoughtful Locomotive T-Shirt. T-shirts always make great gifts especially themed ones, everyone wears them, and you can wear one on a bunch of different occasions. It's also easy to match with other pieces of clothing or style.

This tee shirt comes in three fits (women, men, and youth) and a bunch of different colors.

It will make a perfect stocking stuffer or budget-friendly gift for a train enthusiast.

15 – Handmade Whiskey Glass Set

Handmade Whiskey Glass Set
Designed and made in Colorado, these Handmade Whiskey Glasses are stunning. In addition to gifting the perfect train-themed gift for the train enthusiast in your life, you'll be supporting a local artist.

The graphics on the glasses are well made with precise detailing, they represent a diagram of a locomotive engine.

The set includes two glasses, and the ink is oven-set so it won’t fade or peel off.

Part of the profits are donated to the National Park Foundation.

16 – Retro Train Locomotive Throw Pillow Case

Retro Train Locomotive Throw Pillow Case
Enhance their home interior decoration with this simple yet beautiful Locomotive Throw Pillow Case.

It’s mostly white with the graphic in black, so it should blend well with most color schemes. The drawing is well done, representative of ancient locomotives, with a lot of details. Fans of the train will just love it.

This is just the case, the pillow is not included. It’s made of cotton, is sturdy with an invisible zipper, and is washing machine safe.

17 – Stainless Steel Model Train Pencil Holder

Stainless Steel Model Train Pencil Holder
A cute little train gift idea for their desk, this Train Pencil Holder is perfect if you want something adorable and useful at the same time. It will decorate their desk while keeping things organized.

The wheels can be turned and the back door opens, it’s a fun gadget to have. You can get carriages as well for extra storage space and a complete train-like pencil holder.

18 – Train Earrings

Train Earrings
For the train lover in your life who likes to wear jewelry, these little Train Earrings will make an inspiring train gift. They are cute and discreet, and can be worn on any occasion.

They are made of surgical steel to minimize the risk of allergy or reaction. It won’t fade or stain.

They are made in Virginia by a local jeweler and artist.

19 – Steam Train Night Light

Steam Train Night Light
A cool gift for train lovers of any age, this Steam Train Night Light is unique and will make a perfect addition to a train lover's bedroom.

When on, it will generate a soft light and create a cool atmosphere. You can set it to a bunch of different colors and choose between different modes. You can adjust the brightness level as well and set a timer.

20 – Train Engine DIY Model Building Kit

Train Engine DIY Model Building Kit
For someone who likes to build things, this Train Model Building Kit will make an awesome train gift. It's perfect for teens (14+) and adults.

It’s challenging and fun to build, and they’ll be left with a beautiful wooden locomotive to put on display.

The kit includes 308 pre-cut small wooden pieces – it should take around 4 hours to assemble. It comes with detailed instructions and everything comes clearly labeled and marked.

21 – Ticket to Ride – Around the World on 49 Unusual Train Journeys

Ticket to Ride - Around the World on 49 Unusual Train Journeys
In Ticket to Ride, author Tom Chesshyre sets on a journey around the world exploring both epic and everyday rail routes, aboard every type of ride, from steam locomotives to bullet trains.

He shares with his reader his experiences, the people he met along the way, anecdotes, and information about the trains he took. The book is inspiring and written with humor and candor.

It’s a great read for train lovers, railway enthusiasts, and travelers alike.

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22 – Train: The Definitive Visual History

Train: The Definitive Visual History
Focused on the history of trains and railroads, Train: The Definitive Visual History is a beautiful visual book published by the Smithsonian Institute and DK.

It features the history of trains from the first steam locomotive to today’s bullet train, from all over the world. It mostly is a visual book with lots of photos and images.

It will make a thoughtful gift for train lovers of all ages.

23 – Southern Pacific Advertisement Poster

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This ad for the Southern Pacific Railroad is from the mid-1900s and is printed on quality paper. It can be framed or hanged as is.

The poster is colorful and will add a vintage touch to their home decor.

24 – Train Bookends

Train Bookends
So they can have something to hold all their books about trains, gift them these inspiring bookends. It's a replica of a Union Pacific Transcontinental Railroad's locomotive and is made of polyresin so it's sturdy and durable.

It will make a nice gift for train lovers and a thoughtful addition to their home decor. Fans of American railroads will love adding these bookends to their train collection.

25 – Durango Express – 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
For someone who likes trains and jigsaw puzzles, combine their two passions with this 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle representing the Durango Express.

Still in use today, the Durango Express goes through the scenic Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.

This puzzle is designed and made in the USA with quality materials.

Tips for finding the best gifts for train lovers:

  • Consider what it is they like about trains. Is it their history? The mechanics and engineering? The journey?… Depending on what they love about trains, you’ll need to adapt the gift, someone who likes train travel won’t be interested in the same type of gifts that someone who’s interested in trains as machines.
  • Do they collect train-related stuff? If so, try to check out what they already have and what might be missing from their collection.
  • Keep in mind age-appropriateness as well, and what they like apart from trains.

If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, check out our other gift guides.

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