30+ Cute and unique owl gifts for the owl lover in your life

Finding the perfect gift can be hard and you might be wondering what type of gift you should get your loved one on this special occasion. If you know someone who loves owls or if you are looking for a unique owl gift you have come to the right place.

We have looked for a wide and have carefully selected the best owl-themed gifts for the owl lover in your life, no matter their tastes and no matter your budget. From cute stocking stuffers to useful things to have, you will find the perfect present for someone who loves owls.

Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, or any special event, and whether it’s for a friend, a relative, or a co-worker, in this gift guide, you will find something great for everyone on your list.

Read on to discover the best owl gifts and get ready to put a smile on their face!

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Our top pick from this list – Cute and unique owl gifts:

Cute and unique owl gifts:

1 – Pure Beeswax Owl Candle

Pure Beeswax Owl Candle
This Owl Candle is so cute your friend or relative might never want to lit it. It will look adorable anywhere they place it and will bring a special touch to their home decor.

Made of pure beeswax, the candle is handmade in New York with locally sourced products by a small family-owned business.

The dark yellow should blend pretty well with most color schemes. The detailing is on point, making it a unique gift for owl lovers.

2 – Cotton Dish Towel

Cotton Dish Towel
Made in Oregon by a local artist, this Dish Towel is made of cotton and is pretty sturdy and absorbent. It is printed using the direct-to-garment (DTG) printing method.

This owl gift has it all, practical, cute, and funny, all at the same time, it will make a thoughtful gift for your friend, relative, or coworker who is obsessed with owls.

It will be a welcome addition to their kitchen and will surely put a smile on their face when you gift them this funny dish towel.

3 – Funny Bathroom Decor

Funny Bathroom Decor
Let's jump to the bathroom now with this hilarious Owl Print. For an owl lover with a good sense of humor, this will make the perfect owl gift idea.

The graphic is funny and beautiful at the same time and will make the perfect addition to their restroom – now they’ll be reminded of you every time they go there.

It is designed and printed in the US by an award-winning local designer. The print is 8×10 and comes unframed.

4 – Owl Cook Cutting Board

Owl Cook Cutting Board
Let's move back to the kitchen with this adorable Owl Cook Cutting Board. Made of bamboo, the board is eco-friendly and sturdier than regular wooden or plastic cutting boards.

The design is laser printed into the wood so it shouldn’t fade or peel off (don’t put it in the dishwasher and oil it from time to time).

This cutting board will make a unique owl gift for someone who likes to cook or will be perfect as a housewarming gift.

5 – Owl Handmade Soaps

Owl Handmade Soaps
These adorable Owl Handmade Soaps will definitely be a hit! Forget about boring-looking soaps and get your loved one these cute little owl soaps (so cute they might not want to use them).

The box includes two owl soaps, 2 small pine cones soaps, and 1 small acorn soap. They are handmade in Delaware using natural ingredients by a small company.

6 – Antiqued Dangle Owl Earrings

Antiqued Owl Earrings
These carefully handcrafted Antiqued Pewter Owl Earrings are gorgeous. Cute and discreet they'll make a nice addition to your loved one's fashion accessories.

They will blend well with any style or outfit and can be worn on any occasion. They’ll be a perfect owl gift for someone who likes wearing jewelry.

7 – Tribal Owl Bottle Opener

Tribal Owl Bottle Opener
The perfect stocking stuffer or addition to an owl-themed gift basket, this Tribal Owl Bottle Opener is designed and handcrafted with care in Texas by a small family company.

It will make a cute gift for beers or soda drinkers. It’s a cool and useful thing to have around the house.

The owl design is engraved into the stainless steel bottle opener so it will stay as-is.

8 – Personalized Pink and Purple Owl Notepad

Personalized Pink and Purple Owl Notepad
A great gift for someone who likes owls and is used to writing down notes and to-do lists, this personalized notepad will surely be appreciated.

You can customize it with the recipient’s name and pick the font. It’s a thoughtful and cute gift for the bird lover in your life.

9 – Cute Owl Removable Stitch Markers With Case

Owl Removable Stitch Markers With Case
For the owl lover who likes to knit, these Stitch Markers are a must-have and will make a thoughtful and useful gift.

The box includes 6 owl markers, each with a different color to keep crochet stitches sorted out. It will fit any yarn size even bulky or chunky ones.

These owl markers will add a nice touch of colors to their projects. They are handmade in Canada.

10 – Cute Owl Retractable Badge Holder

Cute Owl Retractable Badge Holder
For anyone who likes owls and needs to carry a badge around for work, this Owl Retractable Badge Holder will make an awesome and useful gift, adding a special touch to their outfit.

Made of felt, the owl looks adorable – the clip and the retractable part make it easy to use.

11 – Cute Owl Shirts

Shirts always make great gifts, especially themed ones. Anyone will have a use for it and it’s usually easy to mix with any outfit.

Cute Owl Shirts
This Owl T-Shirt comes in a bunch of different colors and sizes. The shirts are designed and printed in the US by a small family company.

The shirts are soft and comfortable to wear and will please the bird lover in your life.

12 – Owl Bookmark in Fine Sterling Silver

Owl Bookmark in Fine Sterling Silver
A unique owl gift for someone who likes to read, this Owl Bookmark is made of sterling silver and is carefully crafted, with great detailing and precise craftsmanship.

It will make a handsome gift for the book and owl lover in your life.

13 – Custom Engraved Wooden Ring Box

Custom Engraved Wooden Ring Box
A romantic gift for your better half, this Custom Engraved Wooden Ring Box is meant to add wedding rings but it can be used to store any rings or trinkets.

The lid depicts two owls in love, you can further customize it by adding your initials and a date, you can also have a message engraved inside the box.

You can choose from different wood types for a different color or tone.

14 – Owl Always Love You – Ceramic Coffee Mug

Ceramic Coffee Mug
A cute anniversary or Valentine's Day gift for your partner, this Ceramic Coffee Mug is adorable and will be the perfect addition to an owl collection.

You can choose from two sizes and have the option to add color to the inside and/or to the handle. The design won’t fade or peel off and is printed on both sides.

It is also dishwasher and microwave safe.

15 – Owls Nesting Dolls

Owls Nesting Dolls
An inspiring gift to decorate your loved one's house, these Owls Nesting dolls are beautifully crafted and will bring a special touch to their home decor.

They are made of wood and are hand-painted, making each set unique.

16 – Harry Potter Hedwig 3D Sculpted Ceramic Mug

For an owl lover who’s also a Harry Potter fan, this Hedwig Mug will make a cool and thoughtful gift.

3D Sculpted Ceramic Mug
Sculpted in 3D, the mug features a lot of details and depicts Harry's messenger owl, Hedwig. It's beautiful and will make a perfect owl gift and addition to their owl collection.

17 – Garden Solar Lights

Garden Solar Lights
The perfect addition to a garden, this Garden Solar Light is shaped like an owl and charge during the day thanks to the included solar panels turning on at night to create a magical atmosphere.

It’s easy to set up and is pretty sturdy, it will last and stay put in any weather.

18 – Owl Succulent Ceramic Pots

Owl Succulent Ceramic Pots
These Owl Succulent Ceramic Pots will make a perfect owl gift for someone who likes plants. It will add a touch of greenery to their home while reminding them of their love for owls.

These succulent pots are super cute and well designed. It comes without succulents but you can easily find some to add to the gift.

The set comes with six pots made of ceramic.

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19 – Women’s Fun Socks

If you are looking for a fun gift that will have your friend or relative laughing, these novelty owl socks are perfect.

Women's Fun Socks
Soft and breathable, they are comfortable to wear and will bring a special touch to any outfit. Someone who likes owls and likes to wear colorful and original socks will love this gift.

20 – Owl Notebook

Owl Notebook
For someone who likes to take notes or is into journaling, this beautiful PU leather Owl Notebook will make a perfect present for owl lovers.

The cover is made of synthetic leather with a bronze finish. The notebook includes 200 lined pages.

21 – Cute Magnets for Fridge

Cute Magnets for Fridge
The perfect stocking stuffer or small gift to add to an owl-themed gift basket, these owl magnets will add a touch of colors where ever you use them.

The set includes six magnets and they can be used on the fridge or on a magnetic board. They’re strong enough to hold photos and any sort of paper.

22 – Owl Statue Decor

When it comes to owl gifts, decorative items are the first thing that comes to mind. Someone who loves owls will love decorating their house with owl stuff, adding a special “owl touch” here and there.

Owl Statue Decor
This cute Owl Statue Decor will be the perfect addition to their home decor. It comes in a bunch of different colors so you can pick the one that fit best with their interior.

23 – RFID Wallet

RFID Wallet
A useful gift, this colorful Wallet is big enough to carry everything needed and uses RFID technology to prevent credit cards from being copied.

The size is practical, small enough to fit into a pocket or small purse, but with enough space to add cards and cash.

The owl design is printed on both sides using 3D printers so it won’t fade or peel off.

24 – Cute Pencil Cup

Cute Pencil Cup
Handcrafted by artisans in India, this 2-in-1 Pencil and Glasses Holder will make a cute gift for owl lovers who like to keep their desks organized (or tend to always misplace their glasses).

The design is pretty original and unique, you’re sure they won’t already have something similar – it’s also simple yet crafted with care.

It is made of mango wood and has a beautiful finish.

25 – Owl Backpack

This is probably the cutest backpack out there for owl lovers and it will make the perfect present if you are looking for something practical and thoughtful.

Owl Backpack
It is made of synthetic leather and comes in five different colors. It's tiny but not too tiny, perfect to use as a day purse, it will carry everything one needs for the day.

The shoulder straps are comfortable and adjustable and there are a couple of smaller pockets to keep things organized.

26 – Handmade Owl Dream Catcher

Handmade Owl Dream Catcher
A beautifully handcrafted Dream Catcher, it will make a unique gift for owl lovers to add a magical touch to their interior.

The threads are made of cotton and are hand-woven. The cute little owl is just perfect to remind your loved one of their love for owls.

27 – Holder with Salt And Pepper Shaker

Salt And Pepper Shaker
It seems as if everything becomes cuter when there's an owl involved. This Holder with Salt And Pepper Shaker is no exception. It will look adorable in their kitchen or dining room and will add a special 'owl' touch to their meals.

It is made of durable cold-cast polyresin with a metal finish and it does come with the salt and pepper shakers.

28 – Cast Iron Owl Trivet

Cast Iron Owl Trivet
Trivets are always useful things to have and cast iron ones are extra durable and sturdy. This Cast Iron Owl Trivet will make a perfect addition to an owl lover's tableware.

It’s the perfect stocking stuffer or budget-friendly owl gift for your friend or relative.

29 – Measuring Cup Set

For the baker in your life who also happens to like owls, this cute Measuring Cup Set is a must-have! Forget boring plastic measuring cups and use these beautiful and colorful ones instead.

Measuring Cup Set
Made of ceramic, they are hand-painted and will be the most adorable thing to use when baking.

It will also be nice on display in their kitchen, adding to their home decor.

30 – Canvas Drawstring Backpack

Canvas Drawstring Backpack
Add a touch of color and fantasy to their style with this little Canvas Drawstring Backpack filled with owls. It will make a practical owl gift for any owl lover.

It’s also always useful to have this type of bag. Lightweight, they’re perfect to bring on a day trip when you don’t need much, or folded into your purse to use when going to the grocery shop.

This one is made of sturdy canvas and will last. The owl lover in your life will be reminded of you every time they use it.

31 – Harry Potter Hedwig Padded Slippers

Hedwig Padded Slippers
The perfect owl gift, they'll feel as if they were walking on clouds wearing these soft and comfy Hedwig Padded Slippers.

The way the sole is made plus the material used make these slippers super comfortable and nice to the touch. And they look adorable. The inside is made with soft plush and the sole is anti-slip.

32 – Wooden Coaster Holder Set

Wooden Coaster Holder Set
Help them keep their wooden furniture safe while staying stylish with these Wooden Coaster Holders. The coasters are shaped like owls and are hand-carved in mango wood.

They are beautifully designed and you’ll notice how much they were carefully hand-crafted.

The set includes four coasters and a stand.

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