Best 2024 Mother’s Day Gifts for young moms

Mother’s Day is coming and you might wonder what to get for the young mom in your life. Mother’s Day is always a special time of the year, where you celebrate motherhood and thank them for all their hard work.

There’s a ton of Mother’s Day gifts for young moms out there, so to make it easy for you, we have selected 20 of the best gifts, for every type of young woman, no matter her tastes and no matter your budget, even if she already has everything.

Finding the perfect present can be quite difficult – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this awesome gift guide for the young mom in your life. Discover mother’s day gifts they’ll love and have a use for. From hobby-oriented gifts to useful things, you’ll find the right present for her.

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Some tips to pick the best Mother’s Day Gifts for young moms:

  • Try to avoid all the mother’s day themed gifts like mugs and tee-shirts – they are nice but you can find way better gifts.
  • If you want a gift from her kid(s) you can go for a custom gift where you can add the kid’s handprints for example, something unique and sentimental.
  • Take into consideration what she’s into, her hobbies, what she likes doing – you can also go for something useful she might need.

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Our top pick from this list:

Best gifts ideas for young mothers:

1 – Anne Klein Women’s Resin Bracelet Watch

For the fashionista who likes to accessorize, this Anne Klein Watch will make a great Mother’s Day gift idea for young and new moms. The watch is classy and discreet and will fit any style and most outfits and occasions.

Anne Klein Women's Resin Bracelet Watch
It comes in 14 beautiful colors with a resin and gold-tone band and jewelry clasp. It will fit regular wrist size and you can easily add or remove links if needed.

2 – Let’s Get Sheet Faced – Face Sheet Mask Pack

For the busy young mother who likes to take care of her skin, this Face Sheet Mask Pack will make a super fun and useful Mother’s Day gift.

Let's Get Sheet Faced - Face Sheet Mask Pack
The sheets are made with eucalyptus fibers, which makes them biodegradable. The set includes 6 different types of masks to moisturize and nourish the skin. The ingredients are carefully selected and the way the brand market them is just a lot of fun.

3 – Calvin Klein Women’s Belted Jumpsuit with Flutter Sleeves

Being a mother doesn’t have to mean giving up on fashion and fine clothes – this jumpsuit is adorable and will make a beautiful Mother’s Day gift for young moms.

Calvin Klein Women's Belted Jumpsuit with Flutter Sleeves
It's classy yet not too formal - it's perfect for work, a romantic date, or a party. It comes in 11 colors and 8 sizes.

4 – HP Sprocket Portable 2×3″ Instant Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Portable 2x3'' Instant Photo Printer
Being able to print photos on the go is the best way to keep family memories, the HP Sprocket Portable 2x3

It’s small and lightweight, it will fit in a purse making it easy to bring anywhere. It doesn’t require ink, just the HP Zink Photo Paper.

5 – Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

For the busy mom, these Aromatherapy Shower Steamers will turn her daily showers into a relaxing spa experience. Surrounded by the delicious smell of essential oils, she’ll be able to have some me-time once in a while.

Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers
The steamers come as a set of six, all with different scents (lavender, menthol & eucalyptus, vanilla, watermelon, grapefruit, and peppermint) each with a different aromatherapy property.

6 – ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

When paradise meets hell you get the ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set.

ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set
With thousands of small 'needles', laying on this mat will help reduce tensions, headaches, and back pain. The acupressure points stimulate nerves and improve blood flow, lowering stress.

It will make a great gift for young moms who are into wellness and are always on their feet or who sit at a desk all day. It’s the ultimate relaxation gift!

It might hurt at first, but once you get use to it, it’s a life-savior!

7 – Jade Roller for Face and Gua Sha Set

Jade Roller for Face and Gua Sha Set
For the beauty guru who's into skincare, this Jade Roller for Face and Gua Sha Set will be the perfect accessory to add to their skincare routine.

Massaging your face with these will help you reduce puffiness, improve blood flow and product absorption, and will help tighten your skin.

8 – Philips Twin TurboStar Airfryer XXL

Philips Twin TurboStar Airfryer XXL
For the foodie who likes to cook healthy meals without having to give up on fried food, the Philips Twin TurboStar Airfryer XXL will make a unique gift for new moms. It makes cooking easier, faster, and healthier.

The size is perfect for a family as it can make up to 6 servings. Thanks to the multi-cooking technology, you can air fry, bake, grill, roast, reheat, dehydrate, and toast, 4 times faster than with a regular oven.

It’s also easy to clean, as most parts are removable and dish-washer safe.

9 – Nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask

Nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask
Getting enough sleep when you're a new mom can be tough, the Nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask can help. More than a simple sleep mask, it blocks light completely and will apply just the right amount of pressure to help you relax.

On one side of it, the material is cooling and on the other, it’s warm, depending on what you like. The fabric is super soft and the fit is comfortable. It can be used for sleeping, meditating, traveling…

10 – Mug Warmer for Desk

For the busy mom who’s always getting back to a cold coffee, a Mug Warmer for Desk will make an epic Mother’s Day gift. It will keep her coffee at the right temperature so she never has to drink a lukewarm coffee ever again!

Mug Warmer for Desk
It comes with a super cute mug available in three colors. For extra safety it automatically turns on when you place the mug on it and turns off once you take the mug off.

11 – Diaper Bag Backpack

Being a mom doesn’t mean you have to give up on being stylish, having a cute diaper bag will help.

Diaper Bag Backpack
This backpack is cute and simple and will go well with pretty much any outfit. It's also super practical with 12 pockets. It can hold up to 5 bottles and everything else a mom might need.

It’s also comfortable to carry with large straps. It comes in seven colors.

12 – Sand & Sky Perfect Skin Bundle

Sand & Sky are known for their Pink Clay miracle mask. Based in Australia, their products harvest the power of plants and minerals to produce skincare products that make a difference.

Sand & Sky Perfect Skin Bundle
The Sand & Sky Perfect Skin Bundle includes one of their iconic pink clay mask and an exfoliator that will leave your skin radiant and nourished. It's perfect for oily to combination skin types.

13 – Tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler

Stay hydrated in style with the Tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler. It will make a great Mother’s Day gift for young moms who are always out and about and worry about the environment.

Tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler
A good replacement for single-use plastic, this eco-friendly tumbler is made of glass, silicone, and bamboo. It's pretty resistant and doesn't leak, so perfect for someone with young children around.

14 – GRC Mini Projector

GRC Mini Projector
The GRC Mini Projector will make a perfect addition to movie nights or outdoor trips. It's lightweight, easy to set up, and offers impressive sound and video quality for something this small. The brightness and contrast are also superior to similar products.

The projection distance is 1 to 5 meters and the projection size is 32 to 200 inches, so perfect to use at home, even if you don’t have much space.

15 – JBL FLIP 5 – Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

With summer coming the young mom in your life is bound to spend more time outdoors, and a speaker might just be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her.

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
JBL is a leader on the market and produces good-quality, long-lasting, Bluetooth speakers. The FLIP 5 is waterproof, easy to carry around, has excellent sound quality, has a 12-hour battery life, and can be paired with other speakers for even more volume.

16 – LORAC PRO Eye Shadow Palette

For the young mom who likes to wear make-up, the LORAC PRO Eye Shadow Palette features vibrant colors and long-lasting eye shadows.

LORAC PRO Eye Shadow Palette
With mate and glittery colors, the palette is versatile and will allow you to create a wide variety of makeup looks for any occasion.

The brand is cruelty-free and uses quality ingredients for an incredible result.

17 – Hanging Sloths Wood Succulent Planter

Hanging Sloths Wood Succulent Planter
A cute little gift for the home, this Hanging Sloths Wood Succulent Planter is handmade in Florida and features two adorable painted sloths and a quote 'I love hanging with you'.

Each piece is unique and well made, it will blend well with pretty much any home decor.

It will make a nice decorative item for people who like plants (it doesn’t come with any).

18 – The Llama Mug “Lots of Love” Stress-Reducing Gift Set

Thoughtfully Gourmet, Llama Mug and Tea Gift Set, Includes Llama Ceramic Mug and Chamomile Tea in Beautiful Gift Packaging, Great Gift for Women and Tea Lovers
More than just a regular mug, this Llama Mug comes with some chamomile tea to help the young mother in your life relax. The packaging is beautiful and the mug super cute and unique.

Rather than picking a generic “Best Mom Ever” mug, which she will probably receive for years to come on Mother’s Day, choose something cute like this one – especially if she likes having different types of dishes.

19 – Anigram Bunny Ring Holder

Anigram Bunny Ring Holder
An affordable mother's day gift for the young mom in your life, the Anigram Bunny Ring Holder is classy and cute. It's perfect for a stylish woman who likes to wear jewelry. It will hold a couple of rings, about eight, and will make a nice decorative item.

With its rose gold finish, it will look good where ever you put it, and it’s small enough to fit anywhere.

You can choose from five different designs (bunny, deer, elephant, cat, and unicorn). There’s even a bundle available.

20 – The Family Travel Handbook

The Family Travel Handbook
  • Planet, Lonely (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 168 Pages - 01/21/2020 (Publication Date) - Lonely Planet (Publisher)

Once you have kids, traveling becomes something totally different, you need to plan more, adapt to your kids’ pace, and so on. This year gift the new mom in your life this well-written Family Travel Handbook published by the Lonely Planet.

They have put together the ultimate list of tips for traveling with children as well as recommendations for activities and places to visit.

It will make a beautiful and thoughtful gift for women who like to travel, from around-the-world trips to quick weekend getaways.

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