20 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts for Preschoolers to Make (and Toddlers Too!)

Mother’s Day is coming and you want to get the little ones involved in the making of Mom’s gift? If you are looking for Mother’s Day craft ideas that are accessible to them, there are plenty of easy handmade gifts toddlers and preschoolers can make.

We have listed some of the best DIY Mother’s Day gifts for preschoolers to make. These DIY Mother’s Day gifts are easy to make and Mom will love them. From cute cards and art projects to useful things she can use, you will find something fun to make that she will love.

DIY gifts are always great to make on Mother’s Day as it is sentimental and they make great keepsakes to remember this time fondly as the kids grow up.

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DIY Mother’s Day cards preschoolers can make

First thing first, you’ll want to get Mom a card for Mother’s Day – and what better card than a DIY one made by the little one with your help? Making it versus buying it makes it way more sentimental and heartwarming. Mom will love that the kids crafted something for her.

Here are a few easy ideas that are cute, easy to make, and don’t require much material (you will probably already have everything you need at home).

Sloth Wreath DIY Card

Sloth mothers day card

This cute Mother’s Day DIY card is a great project to work on with a little one. You just need to print the template and cut it and then let Toddler decorate and put everything together.

You will need colored paper, paint and a paintbrush, colored pencils, glue, and scissors.

Download the template and see the full tutorial on Inspiring Savings.

Fill-in-the-blank Mother’s Day Card

Mothers Day Printable

For a preschooler who can write or who’s almost there, this cute printable Mother’s Day card will melt Mom’s heart! Just print it and follow the prompts – it’s the perfect combination between a card and a poem.

If your kid is too young to write, you can just write down his or her answers.

You can download the card on Lil Tigers blog.

“Purr-fect” Cat Mother’s Day Card

Cat Mothers Day Card

A super cute and unique Mother’s Day card, this card is shaped like “MOM” with a cute cat for the O that you can open to write a special message for Mom.

Once you have printed the template you just need to cut the shapes and help your kid decorate and put everything together.

You don’t need much to make this card, just some colored paper, scissors, glue, and some type of markers or colors pencils to decorate it.

You can download the template and see the full tutorial on The Soccer Mom Blog.

DIY Customizable LEGO Mother’s Day Card

LEGO Mothers Day Card

Turn your Legos into stamps to make this cute card that comes with a fun pun and message for Mom.

It’s super easy and quick to make – you will just need some Legos and a stamp pad.

You can download the card and see the full tutorial on Mom Brite.

Floral Mother’s Day Card

Floral Mothers Day Card

To make this floral Mother’s Day card you’ll just need some crayons or markers and let Kiddo express his or her creativity. The best part is that the inside is blank so you can write a thoughtful message for Mom.

You can download the template on Where the Smiles Have Been.

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts Preschoolers and Toddlers can Make

Heart-Shaped Hand Print Photo Frames

Heart Craft

A cute way to have a keepsake of your kid’s hand or foot prints, this DIY photo frame is made with salt dough and can include a photo as well.

It’s pretty easy to make, you’ll just need to make sure you have a heart-shaped cutter large enough to fit your kid’s hand or feet. You can have Toddler paint it and decorate it as they want.

It will look cute on display and Mom will love this heartfelt gift from her kid.

You can see the full tutorial on Seaside Sundays.

Handprint Lilies Bouquet

hand print lillies

Flowers are classic gifts for Mother’s Day, make it extra special this year by involving your toddler or preschooler, working on this easy craft project together.

Just trace around your child’s hand a few times, cut the handprints out, and roll it around a straw including some pipe cleaner in the middle and a leave.

You will need white and green paper, a pencil, scissors, green straws, yellow pipe cleaners, and tape.

You can see the full tutorial on The Gingerbread House.

DIY Bracelet

mothers day craft bracelet

Jewelry is another classic Mother’s Day gift – get the kids involved with this easy DIY Mother’s Day bracelet toddlers and preschoolers can make. They’ll have fun making it, and while Mom will probably not wear it, it will make a cute keepsake to remember fondly of this time once they’re all grown up.

You will need toilet paper rolls, stickers, crayons, gems, and glue.

You can see the complete tutorial at Living Happy Place.

Handprint Flowers Watering Can 

handprint flowers watering can

For the Mom who likes gardening, turn her watering can into a masterpiece made with love by her kid. It’s the perfect homemade Mother’s Day gift for preschoolers to make – they’ll love getting their hands full of paint and creating something beautiful for mom.

Apart from paint and the watering can, you won’t need anything else, just make sure the paint is the right type for the watering can, depending if it’s plastic or metal.

Check out the full tutorial at The Country Chic Cottage.

Drip Paint Pots

drip paint pots

Let’s face it, most crafts made by kids are pretty useless and will end up sitting in a box somewhere until you decide to throw it away. On the contrary, these terracotta pots are pretty cute and can actually be used, especially if you have a garden.

The pots are easy to make and are quite esthetic. Little kids will love making it and with a little supervision, they’ll manage to make something beautiful. You can gift the pot as is or add a plant to it to make it extra special.

Check out how to make it at Crafts by Amanda.

DIY Bookmarks

DIY Bookmarks

If Mom likes to read, she’ll have a use for these cute hand bookmarks. It’s an easy mother’s day gift for preschoolers to make and a nice keepsake.

For this project, you will need colored paper, scissors, pencils, wooden sticks, glue, paint, and paintbrushes.

You can see the full tutorial at Craftsy Hacks.

Heart Thumbprints Platter

Heart Thumbprints tray

A beautiful project to work on, especially if you have several kids, this DIY heart platter will make an awesome Mother’s Day gift idea.

You can adapt the shape of the dish to the number of hearts you’re going to add, or you can add several hearts from the same kid to a bigger dish. You can also do it on a mug or plate.

It will be perfect to have on display and to use to store her keys, change, or small trinkets or jewelry.

You can check out the full tutorial on Old Salt Farm.

DIY Handprint Coasters

DIY Handprint coasters

Perfect for a toddler’s little hands, these handprint coasters will make a perfect Mother’s Day gift. It’s easy and quick to make and requires few supplies.

It will be fun for toddlers to make and Mom will love using those. It makes a nice keepsake as well.

You can check out how to make them at Dwelling in Happiness.

Painted Rock Garden Markers

Painted Rock Garden Markers

If Mom has an herb or vegetable garden, she will love these cute and practical rock markers to keep track of what is what. Toddlers and preschoolers can paint them as they want and you can write down the different plants she has in her garden.

See how to make them at Crafts By Amanda

DIY Soap

soap making diy tutorial

Another cool Mother’s day gift idea preschoolers can make is these cute little soaps that can be made however you want. You can have your kid pick the color, scents, and decoration while you melt everything. Then kids can cut the shape and decorate the soap as they want.

It will make a sentimental and useful gift at once and little ones will have fun crafting these cute DIY soaps for Mom.

See how to make them at Latika Body Essentials.

DIY Crayon Candles

Crayon Candle

A fun way to upcycle old crayons, this DIY candle will make a cool handmade Mother’s Day gift. Kids will have fun picking the colors and you can take care of the melting and pouring.

In addition to crayons, you will need a glass jar, wax, and wicks – you can also add essential oil if you want to make a scented candle.

You can check out the full tutorial at The Pinning Mama.

Handprint Tote Bags

sun handprint tote

So she can go shopping in style, craft her a beautiful tote bag for Mother’s Day. Kids will love decorating it and painting over the bag using their hands. There are plenty of options when it comes to handprint decoration ideas and it’s pretty easy to make, even for toddlers.

You can find some ideas and how to do it at Nifty Mom.

Fridge Magnets

hearts fridge magnet craft

Made with salted dough, little ones will love shaping and decorating these fridge magnets for Mom. You can shape them pretty much however you want, and either stamp the heart in the middle or let kids paint them as they want.

You can see the full tutorial at Red Ted Art.

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