What to do For Mother’s Day With No Money

Moms work hard all year for their families. That is why Mother’s Day is so important. Your mom will not care how much money you spend on her this Mother’s Day, all she really wants is to spend time with you.

If you are wondering what to do for Mother’s Day with no money, here are some budget-friendly ways to celebrate without breaking the bank! 

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Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day With No Money 

Who Knows Mom Best Game

If you come from a large family with many brothers and sisters, playing the “Who Knows Mommy Best Game” is perfect for your household.

Designate a host, not mom, because she doesn’t have to do any work today, to ask questions like, “What is mom’s favorite flower?”, “Where is her favorite room in the house?” and “Who is her favorite child?”

Mom will love seeing how much her family knows about her. This game is guaranteed to bring a lot of laughs to the party. 

What is in Mom’s Purse Game 

“What is in Mom’s Purse?” is a game best played with multiple moms. The more purses, the better for this game. This game plays like a scavenger hunt. Someone gives an item to find in a mom’s bag, and the person who brings back the most things wins. Items that can be found in a mom’s purse are lipstick, pocket change, a picture of a family member, and a set of keys. 

Way Back When 

Another fun party game to celebrate with Mom this Mother’s Day is called “Way Back When.” In this game, have your mom, aunts, and grandma write down three things they did before they married and became a mom. The children will have to work together to determine which mom did what. 

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Mother’s Day Photoshoot

Surprise your mom with a family photo shoot. It can be challenging for large families to gather together in these tumultuous times. This Mother’s Day, gather up your siblings and take family photos for mom.

Mom would appreciate it even more if you all wore those matching pajamas she got for you last Christmas. You won’t even need to hire a professional photographer. Just whip out your smartphone and take studio-like photos for free. 


Put together a slideshow of pictures and video clips to music for your mom. There is nothing that will make a mom happier on Mother’s Day than having a special gift made by you. A slideshow put to her favorite song is sure to bring the most joyful of tears to her eyes this holiday. 

Digitize Photos and Videos 

Digitalize all of your mom’s old photos and videos. Your mom would love to watch her old home movies, but many of them are probably on VHS, and there are no longer VCRs to watch them on. Even if there is one, chances are the tape would get damaged if you were to try and play it.

That is why it is a great idea to put all of your old family photos and videos on a USB for your mom this Mother’s Day. This way, she will be able to relive those memories whenever she wants. 

Jar of hearts

I Love You to Pieces Craft

An easy Mother’s Day craft that you can make with your child is to draw a heart on a piece of paper. Then, tear up different pieces of colored construction paper. Glue the torn pieces of paper to the heart and write underneath “I Love You To Pieces.”

This little craft is sure to bring a smile to your mother’s eye and will make a cute DIY mothers day gift.

She doesn’t need diamonds this holiday; all she needs is your love. 

Handprint and Footprint Craft

A timeless Mother’s Day craft you can also make at home are handprint flowers. Paint the palm of your child’s hand and place it down on a piece of paper. Draw a flower stem and glue a picture of your child into the middle of the handprint and ta-da! You have a beautiful yet straightforward Mother’s Day card! 

Paint the bottoms of your little ones’ feet to make a cute butterfly card as well. You will want to have plenty of wipes, soap, and water on hand for this craft as it tends to get messy. Remember to write down your child’s age on the card for remembrance.

Kids hand painted in blue

Serve Breakfast in Bed 

A classic Mother’s Day treat for mom is to serve her breakfast in bed. If little ones are cooking breakfast, the best items to serve are ones that can not spill. Items like pastries, bagels with cream cheese, muffins, English muffins, cereal, juice, oatmeal, fresh fruit, and room temperature coffee are excellent choices for a little one to give to their mom in bed. 

The reason for room temperature is that little ones tend to spill things as they walk, so it is best to avoid hot coffee. Suppose there is another grown-up helping the child cook. In that case, breakfast items like breakfast potatoes, bacon, eggs, and pancakes can also be served.

Breakfast Table

Celebrate Outdoors 

Mother’s Day will always fall on a Sunday during the Spring. Depending on what part of the world you live in, the weather can be really lovely. Consider taking the family out for a day in the park and bringing along equipment for a family softball game. You can even have a picnic afterward!

You can spend the day on the beach, an amusement park, or a local festival or farmers market.

Picnic on the beach

Spa Day at Home 

Treat your mom to a spa day at home. Set up a salon and give your mom a scalp massage, pedicure, and manicure. After working hard for you all of your life, your mother deserves a day to be off her feet. Serve her a glass of wine to relax during her pedicure and supply her with the newest magazines to read.

Spa Day

Homemade Sugar or Salt Scrub 

Make a homemade sugar or salt scrub to use on your mom during the spa day. The recipe for making a homemade sugar or salt scrub is super easy. All you need is:

  • One cup of sugar or salt 
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil or other oil bases like olive oil or almond oil
  • 10 to 15 drops of your mom’s favorite essential oil
  • Food coloring for show 

Mix all the items together and place them in a pretty, air-tight storage container. Tie it up with a ribbon and give it to your mom as a gift this Mother’s Day. 

Plan Your Moms Dream Vacation at Home 

If mom has always dreamed of visiting Hawaii or another tropical oasis, place tropical decor around the house. 

When mom wakes up, put a lei around her neck as if she just stepped off Hawaiian Airlines. For breakfast, serve her pineapple french toast with a cup of Kona blend coffee. Decorate your home in blow-up palm trees and floral accents. 

Allow mom to spend the day poolside and serve her her favorite cocktails throughout the day. End the day by cuddling up on the couch and watching vacation videos on youtube on your television, and drift to sleep with images of the pacific ocean in your mind. 

I Love You Jar

Make an I Love You jar for your mom. Have all of her children, friends, and other family members write down what they love about her. Place them in a jar and give them to mom as a gift for Mother’s Day. She will love to see how much of a difference she makes in everyone’s life.

This is a great sentimental and affordable Mother’s Day gift idea that will get the tears going. 

Tea time

Host a Mother’s Day Tea Party

Host a Mother’s Day Tea Party! Invite over your grandma, aunts, and all of your mom’s closest friends. Use the fine wedding china that has never been taken out of the box. There is no better reason to use the fine china than to celebrate moms! Consider the food allergies or dietary restrictions of the guests you have invited over. 

You can bake cookies from scratch using items in your home or use store-bought cookies. Remember to take the store-bought cookies out of the package for a better aesthetic. Don’t forget the tea essentials like lemon, honey, milk/cream, and sugar. Make the party fancy and have your guests dress up in their Sunday best.  

Camp-out in Backyard

Have a camp out outside and set up a projector. Roast hotdogs over the fire for dinner and s’mores for dessert. On the projector, watch old family movies and cuddle beneath the stars. 

Make Your Mom a Playlist

Make your mom a playlist. Your mom may not know how to use a smartphone, so make her an easily accessible playlist. Another great idea is to give your mom a smartphone and technology tutorial. 

Virtual Mom-osas! 

Have virtual mom-osas! If you and your mom can’t get together this Mother’s Day, that doesn’t mean you still can’t celebrate. Have a Zoom date and share mimosas together. The two of you can even cook a meal together, watch a movie together or do a craft together, all through a screen. 

Window Shopping 

Go window shopping at high-end retail stores. Go to stores you would never be able to afford and walk around looking at all the fancy items. Take pictures with the fancy furniture and clothing items. 

This is a fun and expense-free way to spend Mothers’ Day. You and your mom can also cook a recipe together to serve your family for dinner. You can either cook a unique and complicated meal or a familiar and simple one. Either way, your mom will just be happy to celebrate the day with you. 

Winery in the Backyard 

Create a winery in your backyard. Set up tables and music and take your mom through a wine tour. Serve wine and beer you already have in your home. Open the expensive bottle of wine you were saving and enjoy the day. 

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Garden Together 

Plant a garden together. Gardening has many beneficial side effects. Doing this relaxing activity with your mom will help bring the two of you closer together. You can mindlessly chat, have deep heart-to-hearts, or just sit in peace. No matter what you decide, your mother will just be happy to spend time with you, even in silence. 


Your mom deserves to have the absolute best Mother’s Day. It can be really challenging to find things to do to celebrate your amazing mom that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. This list of 21 best ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with no money can hopefully give you some ideas to take care of the most important lady in your life.