15 Awesome Batman Valentine’s Day Gifts

Looking for a good Valentine’s Day gift for your better half? If they are fans of Batman you have come to the right place.

We have carefully selected some of the best Batman Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. Celebrate this special day with a thoughtful gift they’ll love.

From official DC merch to sweet Batman-themed Valentine’s gifts, you will find great Batman gift ideas for your better half in this Batman gift guide.

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Top Batman Valentine’s Day Gifts:

1 – Batman Card

Valentine's Day Card

Start things right with a cute and original Valentine’s Day card, designed especially for the occasion.

2 – Custom Couple Portrait

Custom Couple Portrait Batman

What better gift for a fan of Batman than being turned into the Dark Knight himself? You are sure he will love it!

Just send his photo and yours to the seller and you’ll be turned into comic characters. You’ll get a digital file so you’ll have to print it at your local printer. You can also have your names and a date added to the print if you want to.

If you have kids or pets you can include them, just message the seller.

3 – Superhero Key Chain

Batman Key Chain

A cute Batman Valentine’s Day gift, this key chain is adorable and will make a perfect present for a fan of Batman – it’s ideal if you are looking for a small and budget-friendly Batman gift, you can also add it to a Batman gift basket.

The keychain is sturdy yet lightweight and is handcrafted with care. They will be reminded of you every time they use their keys.

4 – Personalized Batman Figure

Batman Custom Figurine

After the custom portrait, this is probably the next best thing – turn your boyfriend or husband into a Batman figurine!

Crafted with care, the figurines are incredibly well done and the likeness is stunning. You can pick the size and ask for small additional customizations if needed.

5 – DC Comics Comfy Throw Blanket with Sleeves

For Batman fans who are always cold, this wearable blanket will be a welcome gift.

DC Comics Comfy Throw Blanket with Sleeves
Cool looking, the blanket has sleeves so you can walk around with the blanket easily. It's the perfect thing to cuddle up on the couch watching a movie or reading a comic book.

The blanket is soft, breathable, and washing machine washable.

6 – Batman Oven Mitt Set

For the cook in your life, these awesome oven mitts will make the perfect addition to their cooking accessories.

Batman Oven Mitt Set
The mitts are designed to resemble Batman's gauntlet gloves with the iconic Bat symbol logo and side guard spike accents.

7 – Leather Bat Keychain

This leather bat keychain is truly unique. You are sure to please the Batman fan in your life with this Valentine’s Day gift idea.

Leather Bat Keychain
A cool gadget for people who collect Batman stuff, this key ring will keep his keys organized in style - the design is awesome with the leather closing around the keys like a cape.

8 – The Dark Knight vs The Joker Chess Set

For the chess player and Batman merch collector, this chess set will make the perfect Batman Valentine’s Day gift.

The Dark Knight vs The Joker Chess Set
The set and the figurines look amazing, and even if he doesn't play often it will look super cool on display.

The chess pieces are sturdy and overall the quality of the set is pretty good, with nice detailing and colorful pieces.

9 – LEGO DC Batman 1989 Batwing

For the Batman fan who likes Lego or building things, this 1989 Batwing replica will make a great gift idea.

LEGO DC Batman 1989 Batwing
With over 2000 pieces, once build it will look amazing on display - you can either use the stand or attach it to the wall.

The set comes with 3 collectible figurines as well (Batman, The Joker – Mime Version, and Lawrence The Boombox Goon).

Lego offers a bunch of different batman models like the Batmobile or his cowl if you are looking for something else or if he already has the Batwing.

10 – Funko Pop! Heroes: Batman 80th

Funko Pop! figurines always make great gifts for people who like to collect merch.

Funko Pop! Heroes: Batman 80th
Created for Batman's 80th anniversary, this Batman figurine is based on the Batman from the 1989 movie. It will make the perfect addition to their Batman collection.

If they already have it, you can check out the Funko Pop! store where you will find a bunch of different Batman figures.

11 – JUSTICE LEAGUE BATMAN Voice Changing Tactical Helmet

A super cool gadget for the kid at heart, this tactical helmet has a voice-changing feature, just like Batman’s.

Voice Changing Tactical Helmet
It is based on the helmet from the Justice League movie and features a tactical visor with edge lights, a voice changer, and sound effects.

12 – Bat Folding Double Blade

Bat Folding Double Blade
A useful gift for the Batman fan in your life, this folding knife looks awesome and will always come in handy. It's a cool Batman gadget to own and will look perfect on display to add to their Batman collection.

13 – Batman Original Gangsters T-Shirt

They are plenty of Batman t-shirt options available out there and shirts always make cool budget-friendly gifts.

The Batman fan in your life will love wearing this awesome-looking t-shirt.

Batman Original Gangsters T-Shirt
Featuring some of the original villains, any fans of the Batman comic books will be pleased to own this shirt.

14 – Batman Bottle Opener and Fridge Magnet

The perfect budget-friendly gift or addition to a Batman gift basket, this cool little gadget is handy and looks awesome.

Batman Bottle Opener and Fridge Magnet
A fridge magnet that doubles as a bottle opener, the Batman fan in your life will love to add this to his Batman collection!

15 – Crew Socks

Socks are classic gifts but are always sure to please when you pick some themed ones. Thoughtful and cute, gift these Batman socks to your better half this Valentine’s Day. It’s perfect if you are looking for a small gift.

Crew Socks
Soft and comfy, these socks are official DC merch and are of great quality.

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