15 Best Halloween Gifts for Babies

Your baby’s first Halloween is a spook-tacular milestone in their life and you should definitely celebrate it even if they won’t remember it! We have put together this awesome list of cute Halloween gifts for babies to make their first Halloween extra special.

Babies may be too young for all the Halloween activities, but there’s plenty of things you can do to celebrate their first Halloween. Babies (and parents) will love all these silly, cute, or useful gifts on this list.

From cute Halloween-themed clothing to toys they can use even after Halloween is passed, you’ll find something awesome to gift the baby in your life.

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Best Halloween gifts for babies

1 – Minky Baby Blanket Bat

Halloween Bat Banket

This adorable Minky Baby Blanket Bat will soon become baby’s favorite. Made of cotton, it’s soft and easy to hold on to, babies will love it. You can choose from several different colors (look at the seller’s store) and you can have it customized, adding baby’s name on the back.

It makes a great gift as they can keep using it even after Halloween is over.

2 – Halloween Onesie

Boo Baby Onesie

Getting all dressed up for Halloween is a tradition babies can participate in too! Get them a cute costume or something more comfortable like this cute Halloween Onesie so they fit right in with the rest of the family.

Because it’s not a full-on costume, it can be used around Halloween, not just on the 31ft.

The onesie is made of cotton and comes in 4 sizes – it’s perfect for 0 to 18-month-olds. You can get it with short or long sleeves. They also have it as a tee-shirt.

3 – Pumpkin Headband

Pumpkin Headband

There won’t be any cutter baby this Halloween than yours wearing this adorable Pumpkin Headband. It fits right in with the Halloween theme and can be worn all the way through Thanksgiving.

The headband is made of stretchable nylon headband and will fit nicely on babies’ heads. It’s comfortable and one size fits all.

4 – Unicorn Pumpkin Plushie

A cute little pillow, this Unicorn Pumpkin Plushie will make an adorable Halloween gift for babies. It’s the perfect size for babies’ little hands, they’ll love playing or cuddling with it.

You can choose from three different sizes (7, 11, or 14 inches). It is handmade with love, printed using non-toxic, water-based inks, on vegan suede which is cozy, soft, and buttery, the inside is made of non-allergenic polyfill.

5 – Halloween Educational Wooden Puzzle

The perfect educational Halloween gift for older babies and toddlers, this Halloween Educational Wooden Puzzle is ideal for developing their motor skills. Made of wood and painted with bright colors, even kids too young to finish it will love playing with it.

You can choose different colors if you want to or stick to the Halloween color scheme. All puzzles are made on order so plan ahead when ordering one. They are made in the US by a small company using quality materials and paints.

It will make a great gift as they can play with it even after Halloween has passed.

6 – Trick or Treat Smell My Feet – Halloween Socks

The perfect Halloween gift for baby girls or boys if you are looking for something funny, these Halloween Socks are hilarious and will put a smile on everyone’s faces when they see them.

If you are bringing baby trick or treat this year, it will make the perfect addition to their costume. They can’t ask for treats yet but they can surely scare anyone into giving them candies with these socks – and even if they can’t eat candy yet either their siblings or parents will surely be pleased to help them out with that.

The socks come in a bunch of different sizes, it will fit newborns to 5-year-olds. They are comfortable, the printing will last, and they will stay put on baby’s feet.

7 – Not So Spooky Halloween Wooden Ghost Teether Rattle

Halloween Wooden Ghost Teether Rattle

Useful and cute, parents and babies alike will love this Wooden Ghost Teether Rattle. It’s perfect as a Halloween gift and it can be used until baby outgrows it.

These baby rattles are made in the US and are safe for teething. It’s the perfect size for babies to hold on to – they’ll love playing with it and it will help them improve their motor skills.

8 – Baby’s First Halloween Bib

If you are looking for something cute and useful at the same time, this Customized Pumpkin Bib will make a nice gift for baby girls or boys. The pumpkin makes it perfect as a Halloween present but it can be used year-round and will be especially nice around fall, all the way through Thanksgiving.

The bib is made of cotton terry cloth with a velcro strap at the neck. You can customize it with baby’s name and ask the seller for a different color if you want to. The name and pumpkin are embroidered onto the bib so you’re sure it won’t fade or peel off.

9 – Bats Halloween Swaddle

Bats Halloween Swaddle

Add some Halloween spirit to your little one’s first Halloween with this Bats Halloween Swaddle. The blanket is adorable and comes with a matching hat. Made with a super soft blend of premium cotton and lycra spandex fabric, babies will love to be wrapped in it or just cuddle with it.

The blankets are printed and sewn in the US by a small business and made to order so make sure to order well beforehand. The blankets are washing machine washable.

10 – Personalized Engraved Ornament 1st Halloween

Baby's First Halloween Name Plaque

If you want something to remember by baby’s first Halloween, this Personalized Engraved Ornament is the perfect thing to get. You can customize it with their name and the year.

It’s perfect to have a souvenir of their first Halloween or as a sentimental gift.

11 – Crochet Pumpkin Toy

A great sensory gift for babies and toddlers, these Crochet Pumpkin Toys are adorable and fit right in with the Halloween theme. The pumpkins are handcrafted with care and the finished product looks amazing. It will make a perfect gift for baby’s first Halloween – they’ll enjoy it year-round and it can be kept as a memorandum.

12 – Wooden Sugar Skull Teether

For a unique Halloween gift, check out this well-designed Wooden Sugar Skull Teether. It’s perfect as a Dia de Los Muertos-themed gift that can be used year-round. It will make a thoughtful and practical gift.

Based on the Montessori and Waldorf methods of education, it will help babies improve their motor skills. It’s perfect for young babies who are learning to grasp and shake objects.

The teethers are made of beechwood which is extremely durable, made to withstand chewing and teething.

It is laser engraved and you can add any customization you’d like on the back.

13 – Baby 2-Pack Halloween Sleep and Play Bodysuit

Baby 2-Pack Halloween Sleep and Play Bodysuit
These Halloween Sleep and Play Bodysuits are cute and comfortable to wear. Made of cotton, the design is practical with a snap closure. The set includes two bodysuits, a pumpkin-inspired one and a skeleton one.

Halloween costumes for babies make great gifts but they can only be used once, whereas bodysuits can be worn on any occasion. Getting them a Halloween-themed bodysuit is a perfect option if you can want something that can still be used once Halloween is over.

14 – Baby’s My First Pumpkin Play Set

Baby's My First Pumpkin Play Set
Babies will love playing with this cute Pumpkin Play Set. It includes four toys plus the pumpkin to store them in. Each one has a different texture and sensory element.

The candy corn crinkles, the ghost squeaks, the spider rattles, and the cat meows.

It will stimulate your baby while making a perfect Halloween gift that can be played with year-round. The set is colorful, and just the right size to be easily held by babies without being a choking hazard.

15 – Halloween Outfit Set

Halloween Outfit Set
This is probably one of the cutest Halloween-themed outfits for babies out there. Baby girls will look adorable in it. The set includes a long-sleeve onesie, a skirt, and a bow. You can choose from four different patterns.

It’s a great alternative to getting them a costume. It will be comfortable for them to wear and it can be used around Halloween and not just on the 31ft.

It comes in four sizes for 0 to 18-month-olds.

What should I do for baby’s first Halloween?

There are many ways to celebrate baby’s first Halloween. Here are a few options:
– Wear matching costumes
– Have a Halloween-themed photoshoot
– Have a kid-friendly Halloween Party
– Attend a local event
– Visit an apple orchard and pumpkin patch
– Get them a cute Halloween-themed gift

What do you give a baby for Halloween?

Traditionally, you give candies to children on Halloween, but babies are too young for treats. So you can gifts them some Halloween-themed toys they can use year-round or some Halloween-themed clothing they can wear for the holiday. Anything from the list below will be appreciated by both babies and parents.

If you are looking for more Halloween gift ideas, check out our Halloween gift guidesfor kids and for teachers.

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