35 Coolest Anime Gifts for Anime Lovers – For Him & Her

Looking for some cool anime gifts for anime lovers aka Otaku? Wondering what sorts of gift you should get them?

Whether it’s for their birthday, Christmas, or just because, finding the perfect present that they’ll love might seem hard, especially if you know nothing yourself about anime. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this epic list of the best anime gifts for him and her.

Whether you are yourself an anime connoisseur or know nothing about Japanese animation, you’ll find awesome gift ideas for anime lovers on this list. We have carefully curated the best gifts for someone who likes anime!

From official merch to anime-themed stuff, and everything in between, you’ll find a wide selection of anime gifts to please anyone.

Some tips for choosing the right anime gift:

  • Try to figure out what their favorite anime series and anime character are;
  • If you are not sure about what animes they like, go with a classic such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Piece… (you can check the most popular animes here)
  • If choosing official merch or a collector piece, make sure they don’t already have it or can return it if they do;
  • Animes are not just movies, there’s a whole culture surrounding it, find out if the otaku in your life is also into Japanese culture;

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Anime Gift GuideOur top pick from this list:

Best Anime Gifts Ideas

1 – Japanese snack assortment 30pcs

SHOGUN CANDY, Japanese Snacks & Japanese Candy Variety Pack 30 Pcs

For someone with a sweet tooth, this Japanese candy assortment box will make an awesome gift. With 30 different pieces, all very popular in Japan, the box includes candies and savory snacks, that will please the anime fan in your life. Discover unique savors and get a taste of Japan.

The snacks come in a plastic bag, so you might want to gift wrap it so it looks better.

2 – Ramune gift set 8 variety pack (Original Version)

Power for Apple Ramune gift set 8 variety pack (Original Version)

Another gift for a foodie and fan of anime and Japan, this Ramune variety pack includes 8 different flavors of Ramune, a popular soda drink in Japan. The drink is known for its great taste but also for its bottles that are sealed with a marble.

The flavors included in this pack are lychee, melon, strawberry, grape, orange, watermelon, blueberry, and yuzu.

3 – Anime House Slippers

WANHONGYUE Anime One Piece Monkey D Luffy Slipper Soft Plush House Slippers Women Men Winter Anti-slip Indoor Slip on Shoes

Make a statement with these Anime House Slippers and show one can be comfy in style. They make a cute and useful anime gift, most people wear slippers and will love getting a pair based on their favorite anime characters.

If you can figure out what their favorite anime is it’s great, otherwise just for a classic such as One Piece or Naruto.

4 – Monopoly Dragon Ball Super

Monopoly Dragon Ball Super | Recruit Legendary Warriors Goku, Vegeta and Gohan | Official Dragon Ball Z Anime Series Merchandise | Themed Monopoly Game

A classic with a twist, the Monopoly Dragon Ball Super will make an epic gift for people who are into board games.

In this Dragon Ball-inspired version of the iconic Monopoly, use Gods and Warriors cards and outdo opponents with unbeatable Super Saiyan bounty.

A lot of fun, for the iconic anime series fans, and the whole family (even if they know nothing about anime)

5 – Japanese Flash Cards

Japanese Vocabulary 300 Flash Cards - Beginner Vocab with Pictures - Memory & Sight Words - Educational Language Learning - Game Like Play - Kids, Grade School, Classroom, Homeschool - 2024 Edition

These Japanese Flash Cards are the perfect gift for someone planning a trip to Japan or simply trying to learn Japanese. Watching anime is cool, but being able to understand the original version is awesome. These cards won’t make you fluent but they will help you learn and are a great way to practice.

The pack includes 275 illustrated cards divided into 17 categories covering the most used words.

6 – How to Draw Anime

How to Draw Anime (Includes Anime, Manga and Chibi) Part 1 Drawing Anime Faces

For the anime fan who likes to draw, maybe dream of making animation or also like mangas, these books will teach them how to draw anime from A to Z. The series includes 4 books covering all the techniques needed to draw anime like a pro.

Each drawing comes with step-by-step instructions and is easy to understand, even for beginners who have never drown before or children.

7 – My Hero Academia Poster – Anime Wall Scroll Poster

SEAREE Anime Poster - Anime Wall Scroll Poster - 16 x 24in Hd Canvas Hanging Paintings Wall Art Decor,with 16Inch Powerful Magnet Wood Poster Hanger and Seamless Hook.

For children (or children at heart!) and teenagers, getting them a poster of their favorite anime will make an awesome gift. It’s a budget-friendly option and will make a nice addition to their room decor.

This one is a great option as you can choose from 9 different animes and it comes with a seamless hook and a magnetic frame.

8 – Cute Anime Socks

DearMy Womens Famous Cartoon Japanese Animation Print Cotton Blend Crew Socks (Anime 6 Pairs) ,One Size

For the otaku girl, these Cute Anime Socks will make a great addition to their wardrobe. The anime packs include 4 or 6 pairs and are inspired by anime characters.

They will match any outfit and will bring a touch of colors to white or black sneakers.

9 – Top 100 Anime Scratch Off Poster

Enno Vatti 100 Anime Scratch Off Poster - Top Animes of All Time (16.5' x 23.4')- Ultimate Bucket List/Cool Anime Stuff- Best Gifts for Anime Lovers, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day

These bucket list scratch-off posters come for about anything and make unique gifts. Featuring one hundred of the best animes of all time, from classics to the newest ones, help your loved one keep track of the anime they have watched and discover new animes they might enjoy.

The poster is colorful and well designed, it will make a great decoration gift idea. It comes inside a tube and can be gifted as-is.

10 – No Face Man Automatic Coin Piggy Bank

Cpandthy Toy Banks,No Face Man Coin Bank Auto Eat Coin Music Piggy Bank, Adults Boys Kids Birthday Gifts Gift Table Decoration

A mix of usefulness and cuteness, this No Face Man Automatic Coin Piggy Bank is a unique piece for someone who’s into anime to add to their collection. It’s a beautiful item and fun to watch at work. When there are enough coins on the plate, it automatically “eat” the coins while making sounds.

It’s battery-operated and will make a nice anime gift for anyone, adults and children alike.

11 – Cute Kitty Night Lamp

WoneNice Cute Kitty Night Light, Rechargeable Silicone Cute Lamp with Warm White & 7-Color Breathing Modes, Touch Sensor Control, Gift for Women Teen Girls Kids Toddler Baby

Animes are sometimes associated with everything kawaii, so reach new levels of cuteness with this Kitty Night Lamp. It will be a great addition to a bedroom and can serve as a night light or when you want a soft light.

The light can turn to 7 different colors, the battery will last for at least 7 hours, and charges via a micro USB port.

12 – Stuffed Animal Shiba Inu

Auspicious beginning Shiba Inu Plush-19.6' Corgi Plush Dog Plushies Stuffed Animal, Plushie Toy Anime Kawaii Plush Soft Pillow, Giant Plushies Plushy, Cute Plushies Birthday Gifts for Kids Boys Girls

Who said stuffed animals were for children only? This adorable Stuffed Animal Shiba Inu will make you change your mind if you think so. The anime lover in your life might never want to stop hugging it, it also works really great as a pillow (when watching animes). It is super soft, and just the right size.

The cover is removable and washing machine safe.

It comes compressed in the package, the company advises giving it about two days before it takes its normal size, so maybe think of getting it out a couple of days prior to gifting it.

13 – Chopsticks

Metal Chopsticks Reusable 18/8 Stainless Steel Chopsticks Multipack Dishwasher Safe Chop Sticks Cute Laser Engraved Non-slip Japanese Korean Chopstick for Cooking Eating 9 1/4 Inches 5 Pairs Gift Set

For someone who loves anime and is also a foodie and loves Japanese food and culture, you might want to consider getting them these beautiful Chopsticks. Made of stainless steel, they are beautifully engraved and come as a set of 5 inside a gift box. Easier to clean than wooden chopsticks, they’ll make a nice small gift.

Bonus – the engraving and the square shape actually help you get a better grip and use them with more ease.

14 – Ramen T-Shirt

Ramen Cat Kawaii Anime Japanese Kawaii Neko T-Shirt

You can never go wrong with a classic, there are plenty of anime-themed shirts out there, but this one is just adorable. Featuring a cat eating a bowl of ramen, it comes in three fits (women, men, and kid), and 5 colors.

You can also look for shirts of their favorite anime. There are plenty of options available out there.

15 – My Hero Academia Action Figure

Good Smile Company My Hero Academia: Deku izuku midoriya Smash - Nendoroid Action Figure, Multicolor

Action figures make great gifts for someone who watch anime and likes to collect anime merchandise or are really a fan of a show in particular. If you can find out some of the animes they like most, you could easily find an action figure to get them. The price range varies widely depending on whether it’s a collector piece or not.

If you are not sure you could get a set of small figurines from a popular anime.

16 – Anime Danganronpa Monokuma Hoodie

GK-O Anime Monokuma Black White Bear Hoodies Anime Cosplay Costume Zipper Unisex Jacket Uniform (Asian Size Medium)

Danganronpa is a popular Japanese video game that has been turned into a just-as-popular anime. Monokuma is one of the characters – a stuffed robotic teddy bear up to no good. This hoodie is inspired by his looks, it will be a nice addition to a fan’s wardrobe to cosplay in or just wear every day, and it looks super cool.

It is sold directly by a company in Japan, and they advise picking a size or two above your usual size.

17 – My Hero Academia Deku Mini Backpack

My Hero Academia Deku Mini Backpack

This Mini Backpack inspired by Deku’s superhero uniform, the main character in My Hero Academia, will make a thoughtful anime gift. Sturdy yet stylish, the backpack is certified as official My Hero Academia merch and will be the perfect addition to your loved one’s wardrobes.

It will blend well with any style and is perfect for people who don’t like having bulky backpacks.

18 – Japanese Ramen Bowl Notebook

COMPOSITION NOTEBOOK: Japanese Ramen Bowl With Kawaii Sushi, Surfing Panda Bear Paper Notebook Journal for Girls and Boys, Cute Lined Workbook for Writing Notes and Exercise

A notebook is always a useful thing to have, especially when it reminds us of something we love. Be sure to make a statement with this unique Japanese Ramen Bowl Notebook, and forget plain boring notebooks. The notebook is colorful and the drawings are funny and cute at the same time.

It will make the perfect anime gift if you are looking for something budget-friendly and useful.

19 – Spirited Away Puzzle

ensky Spirited Away Aburaya 1000-223 and 1000 Thousand Pieces (Japan Import)

Imported straight from Japan where it is made, this Spirited Away Puzzle is stunning and will make a unique gift for someone who’s into anime. From the famous animation film Spirited Away, this 1000-piece puzzle will keep them busy for a few days.

Puzzles are the perfect things to do to relieve stress and improve focus, and are a great pastime.

20 – My Neighbor Totoro Japanese Origami

ensky My Neighbor Totoro Japanese Origami(Paper Colored Figures) Washi Chiyogami Spring (5 Patterns × 4 Pieces Each = 20 Pieces) VER.2

Origami is a traditional Japanese art form that has become popular world-round. This Japanese Origami Paper will make a great gift for someone who does origami. The paper is themed with characters from the animation My Neighbor Totoro.

It’s official merch from Ghiblis Studio (they produced the animation), and it’s a great quality paper.

21 – Sailor Moon x ColourPop Pretty Guardian Eyeshadow Palette

Sailor Moon x ColourPop Pretty Guardian Eyeshadow Palette

For the anime girl, this Sailor Moon-inspired Eyeshadow Palette by ColourPop will make a unique anime gift. Create a unique make-up look thanks to these 12 gorgeous colors. Using long-lasting and quality ingredients this palette is a must-have for anyone who likes to add some color to their make-up.

22 – Spirited Away Japanese Teacup

Studio Ghibli - Spirited Away, Benelic Porcelain Japanese Teacup

For someone who enjoys drinking tea and who loved watching Spirited Away, this Spirited Away Japanese Teacup (official merch from the studio who produced the animation) will make a thoughtful gift. Learn Japanese as you drink your tea and rediscover your favorite characters from the movie.

23 – Animated Films Posters

GTOTd Anime Poster Cartoon Wall Poster (8 Pack) 11.5' x 16.5'.Cute Anime Merchandise Party Unframed Version HD Printing Poster for Room Club Wall Art Decor.

Featuring some of the most popular anime movies out there, this set of 8 posters will take you through some of the studio Ghibli’s most renowned movies such as Nausicaä of the Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Spirited Away.

The prints are beautiful and unique, they are true pieces of art and will make a thoughtful gift.

24 – Anime: A History

Anime: A History

For the true anime fan, learn everything there is to know about animes and their history. The book chronicles the production and reception history of the whole field, exploring the cultural and technological developments of the past century, based on testimony by industry professionals.

It will make a nice gift for anyone interested in learning about the anime industry.

25 – My Hero One’s Justice 2 Video Game

MY HERO ONE'S JUSTICE 2 - PlayStation 4

For the anime watcher who’s into gaming, there are plenty of video games based on popular animes out there. If you’re not sure which one you should get, going for a classic like My Hero One’s Justice is a safe bet. Follow the adventures of characters from Dragon Ball Z as they fight in the battle for justice.

26 – Pokeball Lunch Box

Skater Pokemon Poké Ball Pokeball Lunch Box LMS3

You won’t find a more original lunch box than this ultra-cute Pokeball Lunch Box. Fans of Pokemon will recognize the iconic Pokeball and will love this lunch box. A useful gift for someone who often has to eat outside. The size is pretty small, so perfect for a kid or for snacks.

If you want something bigger, check out the Kiki’s Delivery Bento Box.

27 – Naruto Compatible AirPods 1 & 2 Silicone Case

No products found.

Cuteness alert! For fans of Naruto who use AirPods, this silicone case will make a perfect gift. Forget about boring charging cases and turn them into something cool that will protect their AirPods and keep them looking stylish.

28 – My Hero Academia Bedding Set

Pretyw My Hero Academia Bed Set Twin Size 3D Anime Bedding Sets 3pcs Duvet Cover Set for Boys Child Teens Girls 1 Quilt Cover + 2 Pillowcases (No Comforter)

Choose from over 30+ designs all inspired by characters from My Hero Academia, and get the ultimate gift for an anime fan. This bedding set is colorful, comfy, and will bring a special touch to any room.

29 – Anime Coloring Book

Another inspiring gift idea for anime fans is a coloring book. Pick one from their favorite show and you’re sure they’ll love it.

Coloring books are no longer just for children as they help relieve stress and relax, helping focus and unwind.

30 – The Complete Art of Fullmetal Alchemist

The Complete Art of Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is a classic and going through this book, the anime lover in your life will learn all about the art and technique behind it. With over 200 pages, The Complete Art of Fullmetal Alchemist features color artwork by manga artist Hiromu Arakawa from 2001 to 2017 and an exclusive interview and a special step-by-step illustration creation discussion with Hiromu Arakawa.

31 – Personalized Japanese Name Necklace

MYKA - Personalized Japanese Name Necklace for Woman, Her, Men, Him - Custom Made with Any Name - Unisex Jewelry Gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday - in Sterling Silver or Gold Plating

This beautiful Necklace will display the name of your loved one in Japanese. It’s a stunning jewelry piece and a great conversation starter. Made of sterling silver it won’t fade or stain the skin, and will blend well with any outfit, it can also be worn on any occasion, from casual to formal.

32 – One Piece Throw Blanket

No products found.

A warm blanket to cuddle into when they are watching anime, this One Piece Throw Blanket is soft and comfy. It’s part of the One Piece official merch and is a collectible (one that won’t attract dust on a shelf). It will make an awesome gift for any One Piece fan.

33 – Pez Pokemon Candy and Dispensers

EPROSMIN PEZ Candy Pokémon Dispenser, 12 Count Display Pack

For the Pokemon fan who has a sweet tooth, the Pez Pokemon Candy and Dispensers box will make an awesome gift. It includes 12 dispensers, with a mix of several Pokemons, and candy refills. It looks so pretty it might be hard to open the box!

34 – Totoro Infuser Bottle

Studio Ghibli via Bluefin Skater My Neighbor Totoro Stylish Totoro Infuser Bottle - Official Studio Ghibli Merchandise, 500 ml

Help the otaku in your life go plastic-free with this adorable Totoro Infuser Bottle. With it, they will be able to make healthy drinks like teas and fruit-infused water and bring it with them where ever they go. The bottle comes with an inner filter and a leak-proof lid.

35 – Princess Mononoke Garden Statue

Oismys Glow in Dark Tree Elves Fairy 20Pcs Luminous Ghost Micro Landscape Accessories Garden Decoration Outdoor Patio Lawn Yard Fish Tank Potted Plants Kit

A unique otaku gift you’re sure they won’t already have, these tiny luminescent spirits from the animation movie Princess Mononoke will make the perfect anime gift idea. They’ll absorb sunlight during the day and glow at night.

They can be used outside or in a room near the window. It’s a great decorative piece the anime lover in your life will love.

Gifts for anime lovers FAQ

What to gift someone who likes anime?

The best gift for someone who likes anime is probably official anime merchandise and collectibles from their favorite anime or manga. You can gift them figurines, clothing, accessories, anything really that is inspired by anime. If you are not sure what anime they like most, go with a classic such as One Piece, Naruto, or Dragon Ball.

What to you give a weeb?

When looking for gifts to give a weeb, look for something related to Japanese culture or to one of their favorite anime or manga. Official merch is a great option and will please the weeb in your life.

Where can I buy anime gifts?

Amazon is a great place to look for anime stuff, you’ll find plenty of sellers selling anime stuff straight from Japan. You can also check out Hot Topic, they offer a wide range of clothing and accessories.

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