15+ Fun St Patrick’s Day Gifts for Coworkers

Held on March 17th, St Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated across the country with parades, parties, and traditional Irish meals. If you want to find ways to celebrate the day at work, picking a nice gift for your coworkers can be a good idea.

If you are unsure of what to get them, we have carefully selected the best St Patrick’s Day gifts for coworkers. From small themed gifts to funny ones and everything in between you will find a present they’ll love and appreciate.

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Our top picks from this list – St Patrick’s Day Gifts for Coworkers:

1 – St Patrick Day Hanging Gnome Ornaments

These cute little gnomes will make a perfect St Patrick’s Day gift for your coworkers. They can display them at work or at home and use them year after year to add a holiday-themed decoration to their interior.

St Patrick Day Hanging Gnome Ornaments
The set includes 10 ornaments, you can gift one to each of your coworkers, maybe adding a chocolate bar or some themed cookies.

2 – Spongebob St. Patrick’s Day T-shirt 

If you want a funny gift for the coworker who likes Sponge Bob or cartoons in general, this t-shirt will make a hilarious gift.

Spongebob St. Patrick's Day T-shirt
It comes in five colors (three shades of green), three fits, and sizes from S to 3XL. The shirt is comfy and soft, and is officially licensed by Nickelodeon.

If Sponge Bob is not their thing, you will find plenty of funny options online, or you could get a custom one for each coworker with their name, or the company name.

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3 – I Clover Shenanigans Sweatshirt

Who doesn’t like hanging out at home in a comfy sweatshirt? If your coworker can rock a casual look, this fun apparel is your best option.

It will be the perfect thing to wear on St Patrick’s Day, going to a parade, the pub, or to a traditional dinner, especially if you live in a cold area.

I Clover Shenanigans Sweatshirt
The sweatshirts are designed in the US with quality techniques to ensure durability. It sizes from S to 3XL and is unisex.

Soft and comfy, your coworker will love it!

4 – Good Luck Socks

What better gift than lucky socks? It’s the perfect option for a fun and budget-friendly gift. These good luck socks feature a leprechaun and shamrocks, and are sure to bring a smile to your coworker’s face.

Good Luck Socks
A blend of cotton and spandex, they are super comfortable to wear and are reinforced at the heels and toes for durability so they can wear them on St Patrick's year after year.

5 – Silicone Spatula Set

For the coworker who likes to cook, these St Patrick’s themed spatulas will make a thoughtful gift.

Silicone Spatula Set
The set includes 3 silicon spatulas with a hooden handle. You can either gift the set to one person or split it between your coworkers.

6 – St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Box

St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Box
For the coworker who has a sweet tooth, what better St Patrick's day gift than a box of chocolate? Beautifully decorated, the box includes 12 Graham crackers wrapped in either white, milk, or dark chocolate, decorated with leprechauns and shamrocks.

7 – Shamrocks Shaped Pasta

Another gift for the foodie in your life, these shamrocks-shaped pastas will make a unique gift that will surely surprise your coworker.

Shamrocks Shaped Pasta
Made in the USA using traditional techniques, these pastas are tasty, and have the perfect texture. It's perfect if you are planning to share a meal together for the occasion, or just so they can bring it home and create a special dish with it.

8 – Magnetic Drink Markers

Probably the most useful gift on this list, these fun drink markers will make sure no one gets their drink mix up ever again.

Magnetic Drink Markers
The set includes six super strong magnetic markers that can be used on any type of glasses, even on paper cups and mugs.

They make cute St Patrick’s day gifts for coworkers that can be kept in the office for everyone to use to mark their cup or brought home to use at dinner parties.

9 – St. Patrick’s Day-Themed Bottle Sleeves

To celebrate the occasion with a cool beer once the workday is over, get these cool-looking bottle sleeves.

St. Patrick’s Day-Themed Bottle Sleeves
Designed for St. Patrick’s Day, they come as a set of six, with three different patterns. They can be used on any type of bottle really and will add a nice decorative touch during a St. Patrick’s Day meal or event.

10 – Linen Burlap Bag

If you are planning on gifting something to several people for St. Patrick’s Day, consider getting these cute bags, themed for the occasion.

Linen Burlap Bag
You can then fill them up with homemade cookies, candies and chocolate bars, or any goodies from this list. You can mix and match and add a bit of everything.

Whatever you put inside, it will make a great gift that your coworkers will love – especially as you took the time to put everything together.

11 – Leprechauns: The Myths, Legends, & Lore

For a coworker who is curious about Irish folklore and wants to learn more about it, this book about Leprechauns and the origin of the myth will make an interesting read.

Leprechauns: The Myths, Legends, & Lore
'In Leprechauns, prominent folklorist Bob Curran looks at the origins of this hero of Irish lore. He explores the superstitions surrounding the leprechaun and his enduring place in popular culture, and turns the spotlight on the 'real' leprechaun—enigmatic, complex, and contradictory.'

12 – Pop! Mascots: Leprechaun

Pop! Mascots: Leprechaun
For the Funko Pop! collector, gift them this Leprechaun Mascot from the University of Notre Dame. Perfect for St Patrick's Day, it will add a nice decorative touch to their desk or home.

13 – St Patrick’s Day Coloring Book For Adults

Coloring books are great to spark creativity while reducing stress and anxiety – they make perfect gifts for creative people, it’s also ideal if you are looking for something budget-friendly.

St Patrick's Day Coloring Book For Adults
With 50 one-sided drawings, all designed with Saint Patrick's Day in mind, this coloring book will make a perfect St Patrick's day gift for coworkers

14 – Insulated Wine Tumbler

So they can keep their “leprechaun juice” close by, this insulated tumbler will keep their drink cold or hot while making it easy to bring anywhere with them.

Insulated Wine Tumbler
The mug is made of stainless steel, the lid is spill-proof, and it comes with a straw and a cleaning brush.

15 – Chocolate Covered OREO Cookies

Treats always make nice and simple gifts, order a bunch of those and gift them to the office on St Patrick’s Day – you’re sure it will be highly appreciated by your coworkers.

Chocolate Covered OREO Cookies
Made with Oreo Cookies covered in Philadelphia Candies milk chocolate, each box includes 8 cookies and you can get it gift wrapped as well.

16 – Lucky Flip Board Game

Lucky Flip Board Game
So you can have some fun at the office during breaks or at your next get-together, this fun board game is sure to be a hit! Play it safe or take risks to try and get the pot of gold. The perfect balance of strategy and luck, guess what each card in the deck will reveal once flipped over.

More gift ideas

If you are looking for something a bit more DIY, consider baking some St Patrick’s themed cookies and bring a goodie bag for everyone at the office, you can add a cute gift tag themed for the occasion to make it extra special, like this one from Etsy.

You can also make a St Patrick’s Day gift basket, including some of the gifts listed below and adding any green things you might find. Some brands like M&Ms and Skittles have green-packaged candies, you can also add some Heinekens or Jameson, green packaged coffee

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