25 princess gift ideas for a 5-year-old

Who hasn’t grown up dreaming of fairytales, princesses, and dragons? Imagining adventures and fantasy worlds where anything is possible? Help the little one in your life spark their creativity and wanderlust with a special gift.

Whether you are looking for a princess toy for their birthday, Christmas, or for any other special occasion, we have carefully selected some of the best princess gift ideas for a 5-year-old – perfect for any princess lover!

If the kid in your life loves magic, fairytales, and Disney princesses – and becomes highly enthusiastic about dressing up like a princess or playing with their favorite characters – we have listed some fun, unique, as well as useful, gift ideas for kids who love princesses.

At 5, kids start learning, perceiving, and developing further cognitive skills. Hence, we have also shortlisted some educative gifts that will help them stay entertained, developing their skills.

Keep on scrolling for some awesome princess gift ideas for kids!

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Our top picks from this list:

Best Princess Gift Ideas for a 5-year-old

1 – Disney Princess 24 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Disney Princess 24 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
This Disney Princess 24 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle is one of the best puzzles for preschoolers. It's a great toy option for a boy or girl who loves Disney princesses. The puzzle features four beautiful princesses, each of them is printed in four different colors to make it easy for kids to put together.

The pieces are bright and colorful and large enough for the kids to be able to find the matching pieces. The material is very nice and thick, easy to fit together, and long-lasting. The game will give a sense of accomplishment and will help to develop the child’s brain function, concentration, and creativity.

An adorable gift for a little princess for her birthday, Christmas, or just as a surprise gift to make her super happy.

2 – 6-Image LED Night Light Projector

6-Image LED Night Light Projector
This LED Night Light Projector is a perfect gift for a 5-year-old to make their bedtime fun and exciting. The projector provides a soft pink glow while projecting one of the six different Disney princesses on the wall.

The globe can be rotated for easy projection on any flat surface. It comes with cool dusk to dawn sensor so it will turn off automatically when it detects light and turns back on when it gets dark. The product is very easy to use. Kids can easily switch between the six images according to their favorites.

A very thoughtful and beautiful present for the kid who loves Disney princesses.

3 – Necklace Activity Set

Help the princess lover in your life to design her own jewelry with this Necklace Activity Set.

Necklace Activity Set
It comes with everything you need to make a variety of necklaces, with different colorful rubbery strings and beads. The set comes in a reusable container. Each necklace charms are very stylish and adorable. This can definitely keep kids entertained for a long time.

Gift this Necklace Activity Set to bring out their creative side. The set is ideal as a Christmas or birthday gift for preschoolers who love princesses and crafts.

4 – Enchanted Cupcake Party Game

Host the sweetest cupcake party with this Enchanted Cupcake Party Game! Follow the recipe patterns to create the perfect cupcake, while practicing your focus, memory, and matching skills.

Enchanted Cupcake Party Game
The set is perfect for 2-3 players of 3 years and above. The box comes with recipe cards, game titles, and bright and colorful cupcake parts to put together, mixing and creating as many cupcakes as possible. It's a perfect gift for kids who love Disney princesses.

Spend a funfilled and relaxing hour with your daughter with this game, or gift it to any child who would love to host an exciting cupcake party with her friends.

5 – Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Princess Wand Craft Kit

If the little girl you know loves to accessorize her princess dolls with gems, paints, glitters, ribbons, stars, and heart stickers, then Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Princess Wand Craft Kit would be an ideal craft box for her.

Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Princess Wand Craft Kit
The kit contains a stylish princess wand and everything you need to create a fun prop for her next princess party. This all-in-one craft activity will keep children engaged and help them develop their motor skills.

Although this can be gifted any time of the year, it will make a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer, birthday gift, or just because gift.

6 – 5 Pack Shorty Socks

5 Pack Shorty Socks
Any little girl who loves everything related to Disney princesses would adore these Shorty Socks. The socks are vibrant and colorful with cute prints of princess characters. They are soft and comfortable for regular usage. They can be styled up and matched with your kid's beautiful dresses. Make your kid happy with these beautiful socks.

7 – Yahtzee Jr.: Disney Princess Edition

Introduce the princess fan in your life to something new and funfilled with this Yahtzee Jr.: Disney Princess Edition.

Yahtzee Jr.: Disney Princess Edition
The game has rolling dices featuring Disney princess characters that kids love. It's very easy to learn and follow for the little ones. Players need to roll the dice to match as many Disney princess characters as possible to score higher.

Adults can play the game with their kids for a fun indoor activity.

Gift this count and match game to the 5-year-old in your life on their birthday, Christmas, or simply to surprise them with something fun.

8 – Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk Deluxe 21 Piece

Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk Deluxe 21 Piece
For the little one who loves to play dress-up and is fond of princesses, this Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk would be a perfect choice. The trunk is lightweight and easy to carry for a kid. It contains four different tops and skirts to mix and match and recreate the kid's favorite Disney characters.

The trunk features accessories like headbands, rings, and shoes for a perfect princess look. This is a great dress-up set and the perfect gift for a 5-year-old.

9 – Monobeach Princess Tent

Are you looking to gift something unique and creative for the princess lover you know? The Monobeach Princess Tent can be a great surprise for the fairy tale lover. Help that little princess lover create her secret and personal fairyland.

Monobeach Princess Tent
The tent is made of high-quality material, providing comfort and durability. The adjustable tent can house up to 3 kids at the same time. The tent is perfect to set in the bedroom, backyard, garden, etc.

An ideal birthday or Christmas gift for a 5-year-old.

10 – Disney Kids’ Princess Watch

Disney Kids' Princess Watch
The Disney Kids' Princess Watch is a perfect addition to their princess collection. The watch does not look babyish, rather it gives a smart look to their little wrist. The watch comes in a variety of princess characters to choose from. It has easy-to-read dials for a preschooler to easily learn to read the time.

A nice and useful princess toy for birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion for any kid who is a Disney enthusiast.

11 – Chutes and Ladders: Disney Princess Edition

The Chutes and Ladders: Disney Princess Edition is another great choice for preschoolers (3-year-olds and above).

Chutes and Ladders: Disney Princess Edition
The game includes 12 affinity stickers representing various Disney princess characters that need to be applied to the pawns to move around the gameboard for a fun climbing and sliding adventure.

The game is ideal for 2-4 players. It can be helpful for kids who have not learned to read numbers yet.

It is a perfect gift for any kid as a fun indoor activity they can do with their friends or parents at home.

12 – Comforter Set

Their bedroom is usually kids’ favorite space to play, be creative, and for imaginative play. Make it more fairytale-like with this stylish Comforter Set.

Comforter Set
The set is available in a variety of adorable prints like mermaids, princesses, dolphins, butterflies, dinosaurs, footballs, etc. The comforters are made of high-quality microfibre fabric which is soft and skin-friendly. The set will add a fun touch to the child's bedroom.

It is a beautiful and thoughtful gift idea for 5-year-olds to bring a colorful touch to their bedroom.

13 – Unicorn, Mermaid and Princess Coloring Book

Coloring books never go wrong as gifts for children. Kids love to be creative, coloring, drawing, and painting. What’s best than getting them a coloring book with their favorite theme in it?

Unicorn, Mermaid and Princess Coloring Book
Check out this Unicorn, Mermaid, and Princess Coloring Book. The book is stuffed with an amazing collection of coloring pages featuring unicorns, mermaids, princesses, rainbows, seashells, stars, hearts, magic, and many more. The pages have simple and large coloring spaces for an engaging and magical coloring experience.

The book is perfect to keep kids busy or to spend some time with them around an engaging activity they’ll love. This will certainly make a great Christmas or birthday gift for kids who love princesses and to color.

14 – Musical Jewelry Storage Box

Musical Jewelry Storage Box
The Musical Jewelry Storage Box will definitely bring a broad smile to the little girl's face who loves princess accessories, colorful items, and unicorns. As soon as the box is opened, the unicorn starts spinning with a melodious tune in the background.

The box is perfect to store pieces of jewelry and treasures. It will surely create a memorable imprint on the child’s mind which she might cherish in her adulthood and keep as a keepsake for years to come.

This will surely be an absolute hit for that cute kid who loves fairy tales and unicorns. The box can be a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, and any other holidays.

15 – Unicorn Girl Doll

Barbie dolls or any other kind of dolls are some of the best princess toys for a 5-year-old girl.

Unicorn Girl Doll
Check out this lightweight, soft, and squishy Unicorn Girl Doll for the little princess lover in your life to play all day long or cuddle while sleeping. The doll is made of toxic-free and environment-friendly fabric and can be machine washed easily.

It comes in a beautiful combination of vibrant colors that add a pleasant decorative addition to the child’s bedroom.

This is a great companion for any 5-year-old who loves to play with dolls. The Unicorn Girl Doll can be gifted on any occasion or can simply be used as a surprise gift.

16 – More than a Princess

More than a Princess
Delanda Coleman's More than a Princess is a book of magic, power, adventure, love, and family. The author has beautifully penned down the journey of a brave and powerful princess and her adventures along the way.

The princess explores life outside the castle, showing that a princess can be anything that she puts her mind to. It is a perfect bedtime read for kids.

It is a great educational gift for a 5-year-old girl who loves kingdoms and fantasy worlds, and pretend play.

17 – Princess Jewelry Boutique Dress Up & Elegant Shoe

Little girls who love Disney princesses and fairytales would be thrilled to have this Princess Jewelry Boutique Dress Up & Elegant Shoe as a gift.

Princess Jewelry Boutique Dress Up & Elegant Shoe
The set is packed in an adorable pink storage box and contains jewelry and accessories like necklaces, crowns, rings, bracelets, earrings, magic wands, and shoes so kids can have their own princess closet.

The 4 pairs of shoes come in various colors and styles to personalize their own preferred princess look. The box is easy to carry and specially designed to organize and store the accessories in a neat and clean way.

This can be an amazing gift for Disney princesses fans for birthdays, Christmas, or any other special occasion.

18 – LEGO Disney Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Tiana’s Storybook Adventures

Lego games have always been popular among kids. It helps to develop the child’s imagination and motor skills.

LEGO Disney Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Tiana’s Storybook Adventures
The LEGO Disney Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, and Tiana’s Storybook Adventures is perfect for kids who adores Disney characters like Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, and Tiana. The set opens like a book with a two-sided castle, and includes a bunch of stickers, and Lego figurines for a fun castle-building experience.

The box is lightweight and perfect for on-the-go play.

This is a thoughtful princess toy for a 5-year-old for an exciting and imaginative lego session with friends and family, or simply to play by themselves.

19 – Princess Themed Arts and Crafts 

Princess Themed Arts and Crafts
This Princess Themed Arts and Crafts kit contains everything needed for kids to create their own princess costume.

The kit includes a princess cap, a sparkling tiara, a magic wand, and everything they’ll need to decorate them (shiny stars, sparkling stones, and colorful glitters).

A very beautiful and thoughtful birthday or Christmas gift for a 5-year-old girl. It’s also a perfect Halloween gift so they can make their own Halloween costume this year.

20 – Make Your Own Princess Craft Kit

Make Your Own Princess Craft Kit
Another cute princess craft project to work on, this all-in-one Make Your Own Princess Craft Kit is everything a princess lover needs to create their own princess outfit.

The kit contains more than 70 pieces including a princess cape, tiara, necklace, satin gloves, ribbons, a wide variety of glittery stickers, magical wands, and many more.

This colorful princess dress-up set is a wish come true gift for every princess fan. Inspire creativity and imagination with this complete dress-up kit.

21 – Cloak Costume

Cloak Costume
A cloak is the next best thing to gift a child who is into fairytales and fantasies, especially for fans of Elsa and Frozen. The cloak is perfect for costume parties, Halloween, Christmas, holidays, beauty contests, etc. The product is available in multiple colors and different sizes for kids 5 to 8-year-old.

A nice surprise gift for any child who loves to dress up.

22 – Sticker Activity Books Set

Sticker Activity Books Set
This Sticker Activity Books Set is a very useful and enjoyable product to keep kids engaged and busy for a long while. The stickers are easy to peel off and do not damage surfaces. Hence, these are wonderful to keep children busy while at the restaurant, doctor appointments, in the car, plane, or while doing household works.

A very convenient and delightful gift for any 5-year-old who loves princess characters.

23 – ”Royal Squad” Nightshirt for Girls

This is another simple and nice princess gift option for preschoolers who are Disney princess fans.

'Royal Squad' Nightshirt for Girls
Take a look at this 'Royal Squad' Nightshirt for Girls. The shirt is very soft, comfortable and comes in an eye-pleasing color. The adorable print of various princess characters will make the gift special.

A beautiful Christmas or birthday present for girls.

24 – Bed Canopy

Transform your child’s bedroom into a stylish and decorative space out of a fairytale with this soft-colored Bed Canopy.

Bed Canopy
The canopy is made of high-quality material making it lightweight, durable, and much fuller. The product comes in a large size to cover the entire bed. It provides a good sleeping environment by protecting from mosquitos, flying bugs, and other insects.

The canopy will add a fairy tale look to a girl’s bedroom. It is highly useful and can be gifted on any special occasion.

25 – Disney Princess Dolls

Disney Princess Dolls
Dolls never fail to amuse kids. The set features a set of nine beautiful and colorful dolls that any Disney lover will highly adore.

These dolls will keep kids engaged for hours, playing make-belief and creating stories and adventures.

The dolls are small, sturdy, and easy to carry around. A highly recommended gift for birthdays, Christmas, or for any special occasion for 5-year-olds who love princesses.

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