30 Best Christmas & Birthday Gifts for Long Distance Friends

Being far away from your best friend is always tough, even more so on special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. And finding the perfect gift is not that easy either. You might be wondering what kind of long-distance friendship gifts to get your bestie? Something they’ll love and that will show how much you miss them and wish they were with you on that special occasion.

You might also be looking for a good-bye gift for this friend who’s going away, something that will make sure they don’t forget about you.

Well, we’ve curated the best long-distance friendship gifts specifically for that friend living far away or leaving soon. We’ve found gifts that will show how much you care and will make your friend’s heart melt, no matter the occasion, and no matter your budget.

Keep on reading to discover all the best birthday and Christmas gifts for long-distance friends!

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Most popular gifts from this list:

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Long distance friendship gifts ideas

1 – Set of 2 Friendship Lamps by Filimin

Probably one of the best long-distance friendship gifts, this Set of 2 Friendship Lamps will make your friend’s heart melts. Each of you keeps a lamp, both connected to each other so that when you turn one on, the other turns on too, and you can reply by changing the color.

It’s the cutest way to keep in touch with your friend and let them know when you’re thinking of them, no matter how far apart you are.

You have the option to mail each lamp to a different location, by ordering two single ones >>

2 – Friend Goodbye Scroll Box

It’s never easy to have to say goodbye to a close friend. Maybe you’ve known them since kindergarten or have met them while in college, anyway it’s always tough to part with someone with whom you have been through so much. Soften the blow with this beautifully carved wooden Scroll Box.

It includes 21 thoughtful messages about friendship and having to say goodbye that your friend will love reading when they start missing you. The inspirational quotes will remind your friend of your special bond and are a perfect long-distance friendship gift to say goodbye.

3 – Custom Friendship Gift Box

With multiple options, pick your friend’s favorite products and scents to include in this special long-distance Friendship Gift Box. All boxes include a custom message, as well as a candle with a funny quote written on it “Our friendship is like this candle, if you forget about me I will burn your house down”, and you choose the other products you want to include.

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Everything smells amazing and is made of quality ingredients. It’s a perfect gift for that friend that loves to pamper herself, is into wellness, and enjoys taking long baths.

4 – 2-Piece Pinky Promise Bracelets Friendship

Being apart is never easy and living far away from your friend can be hard on both of you. Getting matching jewelry is the ultimate friendship goal, something you can both wear, that has meaning only you two can understand, and that will make you think of each other every time you wear it.

A sentimental gift to show your friend you’ll always think of them, the 2-Piece Pinky Promise Bracelets Friendship is adorable and gender-neutral. You can choose from a wide variety of designs and colors, and it’s discreet enough to fit any style. Including a thoughtful message for your friend, they’ll surely be touched by the gesture.

5 – VILIGHT Long Distance Bestie Picture Frame

No one really prints pictures anymore, but having them framed is definitely different than looking at them on your phone. Choose the best pictures of you and your friend, maybe taken on a special occasion for both of you, print them, and find a cute frame, like this one, so your friend never forgets the memories you have made together.

A cute home decor long-distance friendship gift, this Long Distance Bestie Picture Frame will bring joy to your friend’s home. You can add two pictures to this beautiful wooden frame, it also includes a sweet quote “Together Forever, Never Apart, Maybe in Distance but Never in Heart” and a handmade cotton line heart.

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You can easily hang it on the wall or there’s a stand if you don’t want to hang it.

6 – Personalized Long-Distance Friendship Print

This Long-Distance Friendship Print is a super cute gift for your bestie. You can customize it with any city, country, or state, and add your names and a date. Printed on jute burlap, the map is eco-friendly and long-lasting.

There are two sizes to choose from, and be careful, the frame is not included.

7 – Long Distance Friendship Gift Keychain

A cute budget-friendly or going-away gift for your friend, the Long Distance Friendship Gift Keychain is a subtle yet heartwarming gift. We love keychains as gifts as it’s something you use daily and your friend will be reminded of you every time they use their keys.

This keychain features a map of the US, engraved with hearts linked together, and two quotes “I’ll see you soon” and “I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us”.

8 – Long Distance Friendship Engraved Compact Mirror

Show your friend how much you care for them and that you’re thinking of them with this Engraved Compact Mirror. Made of stainless steel, you can choose between two colors, silver and golden. It’s small enough to fit in a purse and bring anywhere and is lightweight.

One side is a regular mirror and the other is magnified, on the outside, a quote is engraved: “Side By Side or Miles Apart, Friends Are Always Close at Heart”.

9 – Custom Best Friend Coffee Mug for Women

A mug is always sure to please, customize it to make it extra special and meaningful. The Best Friend Coffee Mug is a thoughtful gift your friend will love, especially if she likes tea or coffee.

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On one side, you’ll find a cute drawing representing your friend and you. You can choose the hair color and the skin tone, and add your names. There’s also a quote on the other side: “Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they are there”.

10 – Long Distance Friendship Makeup Bag

This cute Makeup Bag will remind your bestie of you every time she uses it. It’s the perfect size to put everything you need inside but it’s still small enough to fit in a purse.

The fabric is waterproof to protect what’s inside and the outside reads “Side by side or miles apart, friends are always close at heart”.

11 – ElegantPark Canva Bag

Same quote as the makeup bag above but different support, this super cute Canva Bag is the perfect gift for your long-distance friend. Practical, it makes a great bag for the beach or to go grocery shopping, it’s also nice enough to be used as a purse. Beige with black and gold letter, it will go well with any casual outfit.

12 – BFF Long Distance Friendship Gift Soy Candle

Made in the USA, the BFF Long Distance Friendship Gift Soy Candle is the ultimate long-distance gift. You can add any two locations worldwide, customize the message, and choose from 20 different scents.

There are two sizes available, you can have it wrapped, and you can upgrade it to a gift set that includes the candle, a “LOVE” matchbox, a “Miss You” ceramic coffee mug, and a “Reasons Why I Miss You” notepad.

13 – VILIGHT Long Distance Friendship Christmas Ornament

If you are looking for a long-distance friendship gift for Christmas, this might be the perfect gift. This cute Christmas Ornament is specially made to gift that friend that lives far away and who you probably are missing during the holiday season.

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Made of white porcelain, it comes in a cute gift box.

14 – Personalized Long Distance Friendship Map Frame

This cute Photo Frame comes in 20 different tones, and you can customize it with your names, a date, and the states you both live in. It makes a great sentimental gift that will bring a special touch to any interior, and it’s just perfect if you and your friend live in different states.

It’s probably one of the cutest long-distance friendship gifts, and your friend will be reminded of your friendship every time she looks at the frame. Pick a meaningful picture of you two to add extra sentimental value to the frame.

15 – Joycuff Friendship Engraved Bracelet

“True Friendship Knows No Distance” – A cute reminder of your close friendship, this Bracelet is a nice addition to any outfit and will make your friend’s heart melt. Every time your friend wears it, she will think of you. Adjustable, it’s comfortable to wear and will fit most wrist sizes. It’s made of stainless steel so it will last and won’t change color.

16 – Long Distance Friendship Tumbler Cup

Specially designed to gift your long-distance friend, the Long Distance Friendship Tumbler Cup features double-wall seamless vacuum isolation to keep your drink just the right temperature for longer. You can choose from 6 colors, and they all come with a metal straw, a brush to clean it, and a BPA-free lead.

17 – Personalized Best Friend Pillowcase for Women

With over 48 hairstyles and colors, and two skin tones to choose from, this Personalized Best Friend Pillowcase for Women is the perfect gift to represent your friendship. Made of high-quality canvas, the fabric is sturdy and durable, the pillow cover will go well with most home decor.

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Be careful, this is just the pillowcase, it doesn’t come with the stuffing.

18 – Long Distance Friendship Wine Tumbler

“Side By Side or Miles Apart, Friends Are Always Close at Heart” – a thoughtful message for that special friend who lives far away, this Long Distance Friendship Wine Tumbler can be used for any drink really. It keeps what’s inside the right temperature, be it hot or cold, and features a sealed lid to prevent spilling.

It comes in eleven different colors.

19 – Engraved Best Friend Wine Glass

If you and your best friend love to drink wine and you’re used to doing it together, then the Engraved Best Friend Wine Glass might be the perfect gift. You might also want to get one for yourself so you can have face time wine parties just you and your bestie. Either way, every time your friend has wine they will be reminded of you.

You can pick any two states, and there are three sizes to choose from.

20 – Best Friend Sterling Silver Necklace Set

Getting a necklace set for you and your bestie might just be the perfect friendship gift! Stay connected with these matching Necklaces, made of sterling silver, they are cute, elegant, and discreet. They will go well with any outfit and can be worn for any occasion.

It comes wrapped in a nice gift box.

Other great long-distance friendship gifts ideas:

21 – The Little Calm and Happy Company – Happy Friendship Quotes Jar

Send your far-away friend inspirational quotes about friendship so they’ll feel part of you is with them when they need you. With 30 cute little notes printed on pastel papers, the Happy Friendship Quotes Jar from The Little Calm and Happy Company will inspire mindfulness and happiness.

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The packaging is also super cute and it comes in a gift box.

22 – Knock Knock Why You’re My Bestie Fill in the Love Book

A great gift for your bestie who lives far away or is about to leave, the Knock Knock Why You’re My Bestie Fill in the Love Book is the ultimate gift to show your friend how much you love them. Fill in the blanks to describe why your best friend is the best and get a good laugh.

Filling in the book is a lot of fun, as much as it will be for your friend to read it. Sweet, sly, or funny, your messages will light your friend’s face with a smile every time they open it.

23 – Letters to Open When…: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever

A great parting gift if you like writing and exchanging notes with your friend, the Letters to Open When… will bring joy and comfort to your friend when she might need you or simply misses you. There are 12 letters to write with prompts for each occasion.

24 – Custom Face Stickers

Probably the funniest gift on this list, make sure your friend never forgets your face with these custom face stickers. Upload your photo when ordering, and voila! Your friend will receive your portrait, and she can put it anywhere. The stickers are dishwasher safe so you can even put one on a mug.

Your bestie will be constantly reminded of you and will probably get a good laugh when opening this wonderful gift.

What is a good gift for a long-distance best friend?

As you have seen in the list above there are plenty of long-distance friendship gifts to choose from and give your best friend. Being far away doesn’t mean you can’t surprise your friend with a thoughtful gift. They will love receiving something that will remind them of you and your special bond.

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You could also get something your friend might need, or something related to their hobbies. It’s always nice to receive something useful and it shows you’re listened to.

How can I surprise my long distance best friend?

  • You can get your long distance best friend a special gift showcasing your friendship (maybe something from the list above);
  • You can plan a face time birthday party or a movie night;
  • Send them their favorite cake;
  • Make a video, either of you wishing them a happy birthday, merry Christmas, congratulating them… or make a montage with the photos and videos you have of you two.

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