35 funny housewarming gifts to make them laugh

Invited to a housewarming party but don’t know what to bring? Looking for a gift for a prankster, someone with a twisted sense of humor who’s always making jokes and ready to have a good laugh?

There are plenty of traditional items to gift to new homeowners or for someone moving into a new place, however, if you are looking for something entertaining that will make them laugh, you came to the right place.

Whether your friend or family member moved to a new place or bought a house, we have curated humorous and funny housewarming gifts that are sure to amuse and entertain everyone at the party – unique and original stuff to make a splash.

Keep on scrolling for some of the wittiest gag gift ideas to bring to a housewarming party!

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Funny housewarming gifts – Our top picks from this list:

Funny Housewarming Gifts

1 – Funny Coasters

Coasters are one of the most common gift ideas for housewarming parties. However, if you want to skip the random and usual coasters and want something fun and entertaining, then check out these Funny Coasters that come with six different hilarious quotes.

The coasters will add an hilarious touch to their tabletops while protecting them from liquids and beverages.

The quirky quotes will definitely crack anyone up with laughter at the party. A stylish and funny housewarming gift for your loved ones, friend, or colleague who has moved to a new place.

2 – Funny Kitchen Towels

Take a look at these Funny Kitchen Towels featuring the funkiest and cutest quotes that will surely bring a smile to your recipient’s face.

The towels feel very soft in hand, are very absorbent, and are made with 100% cotton. This can be a very useful gift for the person who has just moved to the new house and needs household items for regular use.

The sayings on the dishtowel will make everyone in the room laugh. One of the funniest housewarming gifts for a housewarming host or hostess.

3 – Set of 4 Funny Wine Glasses

Get this Set of 4 Funny Wine Glasses for the wine lover who is fond of plants and succulents. The uniquely shaped wine glasses will bring an exquisite form of art and a sophisticated look to their home decor while bringing a special humorous touch.

These beautifully designed wine glasses are the perfect gift to bring to a housewarming.

If you want your gift to be funny as well as useful, then this is an ideal choice.

4 – Funny Apron for Men

Prank your friend with something amusing and entertaining at their housewarming party with this hilarious apron. You will love the print of this Funny Apron for Men if you are on the hunt for a super gag gift.

The apron will grab everyone’s attention at the gathering and will kill everyone with laughter. The apron is made with thick heavy-duty material with a waterproof waist pack and is easily machine washable.

It is definitely one of the funniest housewarming gifts for the cook who has a twisted sense of humor.

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5 – Funny Oven Mitts

Get these Funny Oven Mitts for your friend or relative who loves to cook. The oven mitts come in beautiful and bright colors and feature a funny quote to make them extra delightful for the chef in the house.

The material is made with three layers of heat-resistant, breathable, and waterproof fabric. They are insulated with cotton layers inside for comfortable gripping.

A perfectly humorous and useful kitchen gift for that new house owner.

6 – Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

When everyone else might be bringing nice, decorative and novelty items, surprise your friend with this Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray featuring an awesome fragrance to keep the bathroom odors at bay.

The washroom can get really smelly and unhygienic after multiple usages at a party and can affect the good vibe of the new home. This wonder spray works really well in killing bad odor.

The spray is made with natural ingredients with no added harmful chemicals. The smell is a nice blend of natural essential oils to keep the air fresh and scented.

One of the essential gift items you can choose for a housewarming party and definitely an unusual one.

7 – Knock Knock Bathroom Guest Book

The Knock Knock Bathroom Guest Book is a great gift idea for someone who hosts frequent parties at home. It is a nice book for your guests to make interesting entries while they use the washroom. It is quite amusing to find out people’s comments and writings after they have enjoyed the party.

An amazing gag item to discover in the washroom for the party guests. If you are looking for something to make their housewarming entertaining, make sure to gift this guest book.

8 – Lavender Scented Candle

Check out the funny quotes on this Lavender Scented Candle that will surely make your friend laugh when reading the label. It is a unique way to congratulate them on their new space.

The soy candles come in a reusable glass jar and are infused with premium lavender fragrances for stress relief and relaxation. The scent is very refreshing and perfectly compliments the new homely vibe.

The recipient will definitely adore these scented candles. A perfect housewarming gift to share a good laugh at the party.

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9 – Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Make the cleaning process super easy and time-saving by gifting this Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner to the someone who has just moved into their new place.

It helps reduce the hassle of cleaning microwave grease, dirt, leftovers, and stains with chemical stain removers. The process is very easy to follow. The steam coming out from the angry mama’s head softens the dirt off the microwave wall, then just wipe it with a paper towel and all the specks of dirt will be gone without any scrubbing. The cleaner is heat-resistant and dishwasher safe.

This angry mama is a super useful household product to gift in a housewarming ceremony and is quite a unique and funny gadget to gift.

10 –  Little Box of Obscenities Kit

The Little Box of Obscenities Kit is a collection of naughty words in a giftable tin container. It has 72 themed magnetic word tiles to create funny and obscene sentences. This will definitely make the party a hit. where everyone will enjoy creating their own broken sentences with these foul little magnets. These can also be used to arrange funny little messages on refrigerators or cabinets.

A cool gag gift for your friends, family, or colleagues to let their inner poet run free.

11 – Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statue

Check out this Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statue to add a touch of dark humor to their new home.

The cute tiger-striped kitty will look fun and terrifying amidst their garden plants. The statue is wonderfully handcrafted and made with resin material.

The statue can also be used to decorate shelves, desks, tables, windowsills, etc. A humorous housewarming gift to delight your new homeowner, especially if he or she is a cat lover or gnome lover.

12 – Linen Throw Pillow Covers

Check out these Linen Throw Pillow Covers with a perfectly funny quote on them. The covers are made with high-quality cotton linen. A beautiful item to decorate the living room, bedroom, study room, etc. The witty quote on the covers will definitely grab people’s attention.

These covers will surely make a nice housewarming gift for someone moving into a new house to share a good laugh with their guests.

13 – Your Butt Napkins My Lord – Bathroom Decorations

A well-decorated bathroom always creates a great impression on guests. Have the new house owner in your lifestyle up their washroom with this creative digital art – Your Butt Napkins My Lord – which will surely make their guests laugh out loud.

The print comes unframed but you can easily get a frame at your local hardware shop.

14 – Burritos Blanket

Check out this hilarious Burritos Blanket, the perfect gift for any Mexican-food lover who has always dreamed of being wrapped in a giant tortilla.

The blanket is made with high-quality skin-friendly fabric. A nice housewarming gift for your friend to have some comfortable wintery nights when watching their favorite TV show. It can also be gifted to the person who loves to spend time outdoors, camping, or picnicking.

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15 – Humping Dogs: Funny Dog Calendar

The Humping Dogs: Funny Dog Calendar is a 12-month grid planner to note down regular ideas, lists, plans, and reminders. The calendar has 12 brilliant and nicely printed
high-quality images. The humping dogs cover design will surely make the recipient laugh hard.

If you are looking for a gag gift , you can definitely go for this one. 

16 – Sign Hanger for Front Door

For the prankster in your life who’s always up to play jokes on people, this Sign Hanger for Front Door will probably make an awesome gift. The sign reads “Doorbell Broken Yell Ding Dong Really Loud”, most people probably wouldn’t fall for it but you’re sure they’ll have a good laugh.

The text is applied with permanent vinyl material so it’s long-lasting and won’t fade even if placed outside. You can contact the seller as well to customize the item accordingly.

17 – Funny Doormat

Doormats are another highly recommended gift for new house owners. A doormat with a beautiful and catchy message will surely grab the attention of the guests.

Take a look at this Funny Doormat featuring a witty quote and a special design, that will make guests have a good laugh before coming in.

The doormat has a slip-resistant back for a nice grip on the floor with thick coir coconut husk in the front.

A beautiful and funny housewarming gift for your friend, family, or colleague who just moved to a new house.

18 – Adult Piggy Bank

Looking for something whimsical and absurd as well as useful at the same time? Take a look at this Adult Piggy Bank that will definitely surprise its recipient. It can be customized as well according to your preference.

An absolutely hilarious gift to amuse your friend at their upcoming housewarming party.

19 – Gone with the Gin: Cocktails with a Hollywood Twist

The Gone with the Gin: Cocktails with a Hollywood Twist is a cool drink recipe book featuring the best techniques and equipment needed to prepare various delicious drinks.

It comes with a fun twist, the recipes have been inspired and named after classic movies and are packed with puns and humor. The book also features movie-related munchies and drinking games.

A nice gift for any movie buff and cocktail lover.

20 – Axe Pizza Cutter

Going for a housewarming gathering for a friend who loves thrillers and horrors? Get this Axe Pizza Cutter for him or her. This cool and chic pizza cutter is perfect to slice pizza, waffles, pasta, pastry, pancakes, etc. It has a sharp, rustproof, and long-lasting metal blade to cut any type of pizza crust, and let’s face it, it’s a hilarious gift.

A perfect gift for that crazy pizza lover to get them on their next housewarming gathering.

21 – Squirrel Shape Standing Spoon

This Squirrel Shape Standing Spoon is another colorfully and thoughtfully crafted cooking tool that can be gifted to someone at a housewarming party.

Shaped like a squirrel, they’ll look adorable in their kitchen and will keep their countertops clean. Easy to use, it’s the perfect addition to someone’s kitchen.

A nice and useful gift for foodies or someone moving into their new house and in need of cooking utensils.

22 – Measuring Cups Set

This little kitten Measuring Cups Set is a sweet gift choice for a cat lover moving in into their new home. The set consists of three small to medium-sized cups to measure food.

The cups are very cute and adorable, perfect to gift someone at their housewarming party or any other family gathering.

23 – Paper Towel Holder

Get rid of boring paper towel holders with this funny free-standing dinosaur and its long neck that will easily hold standard paper rolls.

Made of high-quality polyresin material to resist bumps and falls, this Paper Towel Holder is one of the funniest gift items you can consider bringing to your next housewarming party.

24 – SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

This SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Salt and Pepper Shaker Set is a vibrant and delightful addition to their kitchen or dining table. The set comes in the perfect size and looks fun and cheerful.

The shakers are made of high-quality ceramic material to avoid stains and fading. This is a perfect kitchen accessory to be gifted to new house owners, especially, if they love the Spongebob Squarepants TV show.

25 – Gratiator Cheese Grater

Give your friend’s kitchen a historical vibe with this Gratiator Cheese Grater. This sword-looking cheese grater is perfect for grating cheese, chocolate, nutmeg, ginger, and vegetables.

The product is made with high-quality stainless steel with a sword handle guard to protect fingers.

A very useful and artistic item to be gifted to foodies and people moving in by themselves for the first time and might need some cooking utensils.

26 – Kitchen Sponge Holder

Gift this Kitchen Sponge Holder to new homeowners to add some fun to everyday dishwashing.

This sponge holder is made of durable plastic and adds a vibrant and bright look to the kitchen. They come in a ready-to-give gift box for hassle-free gifting.

A cute and funny little housewarming novelty item to bring to a housewarming.

27 – Glowing Light Saber Chop Sticks

Impress your friend, family, or colleague with this Glowing Light Saber Chop Sticks at their housewarming party. The chopsticks are featured with bright red and blue LED lights to light up any dish and bring some fun into dinners.

Perfect for fans of Star Wars or for people who enjoy funny novelty items.

28 – How Not to Be a Dick: An Everyday Etiquette Guide

The quirky title of this book will definitely intrigue the recipient. The book basically is a practical guide on how a young person should act and behave in a variety of life situations. It also covers discussions on active listening, self-respect, honest approach, emphasizing professional etiquette in the workplace with a lot of hilarious illustrations.

An extremely funny housewarming gift for that person who has a great sense of humor and who is just starting out in life.

29 – Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a ridiculously fun game to play with friends, partners, or colleagues and have a fun gaming night over drinks. This can be a great gift for your friend who occasionally hosts parties and loves to have a good laugh during gatherings.

With over 100 question cards and 500 answer cards, each round player try to find the most hilarious answer to the question. You can also get a bunch of themed expansion packs so the fun never ends.

30 – Female Form Vase Set

This modern and quirky Female Form Vase Set will bring a sassy look to their home decor. The vase set can be used to hold pens, brushes, or flowers and can be used to decorate aesthetic plants.

The set is made with high-quality sturdy material with a glossy finish.

A humorous gift for someone moving in into a new home and needing to bring a special to their interior design.

31 – Shark Attack Bowl

Check out the Shark Attack Bowl for any housewarming party host, especially, if they are a shark fanatic. This dangerous shark can decently hold snacks, cheese, ramen, seafood dip, etc. It’s a pretty cool piece to have in the kitchen to enhance its decorum.

Gift this hilarious bowl to your friend, family, or colleague to enjoy snacking from a predator’s mouth.

32 – How Your House Works: A Visual Guide to Understanding and Maintaining Your Home

This book is a highly appropriate gift for new homeowners. The author has described basic principles and guidance to maintain and repair household electrical appliances, plumbing, locks, doors, windows, wiring, framing, and many more with well-illustrated pictures. The book will help to understand the inner working of a house and provide DIY guides to try before calling for professional help.

How Your House Works: A Visual Guide to Understanding and Maintaining Your Home is a highly recommended visual read for new house owners and the perfect gag gift for someone who’s bad with manual tasks.

33 – Shower Beer Holder

A nice shower along with a chilled beer is all you need at the end of a long day of work to unwind. This Shower Beer Holder will help that friend of yours who’s always holding a beer to sip on their favorite drink with ease while enjoying a relaxing shower.

It has a sticky velcro part to attach it to the shower wall easily, perfect for a hands-free beer experience. It also keeps your beer ice-cold even in the hottest of showers.

A very nice product to gift your friend who’s always up for a good laugh at their housewarming party.

34 – Wine Glass Holder for Bath & Shower

If beer is not their thing, let them enjoy a glass of wine on their next bath with this Wine Glass Holder for Bath & Shower.

It’s easy to install as no wall mounting, suction cups, or adhesives are needed to stick it on the wall. The product has been designed with a silicone surface to securely grip smooth surfaces like tiles, glass, marble, mirror, etc.

A nice gift for the wine lover in your life to add something modern and useful to their new bathroom space.

35 – T-Rex Shower Head

This dinosaur-themed T-Rex Shower Head is the perfect bathroom accessory for your friend or colleague who loves dinosaurs or has a Jurassic Park-loving kid.

Made of durable and sturdy plastic, this fun showerhead in the bathroom will add a whole new meaning to bath time for kids of all ages and even for adults who are still kids at heart.

It is also another funny gift you can consider for new house owners who are fans of the Jurassic series or novelty household items in general.

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