20 Adorable Easter Gifts and Basket Stuffers for kids

Looking for some inspiration to fill up your Easter gift baskets for the kids in your life? Look no further, we have carefully selected the top Easter gifts for kids. Discover cute and adorable Easter-themed gifts to add to your Easter gift baskets.

Find small gifts for babies, toddlers, children, and tweens, things they will love and have a use for. From toys to useful things and everything in between, find something awesome for the kid in your life.

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Our top pick from this list:

Best Easter gifts for kids

1 – Paint by Sticker Kids: Under the Sea

Paint by Sticker Kids
Mixing two kids' favorites, stickers, and coloring books, the Paint by Sticker Kids: Under the Sea will make a cute Easter stuffer for kids. Instead of coloring the drawings, use the stickers to fill in the spaces. A great gift to improve creativity and something original, different from a classic coloring book.

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2 – Bath Bombs for Kids with Toys Inside

Bath Bombs
Bath bombs with a twist, your kid will love first the fuzziness then the hidden toys inside it. Inspired by Easter, the bath bombs are shaped like eggs and hide dinosaur figurines.

Made with organic ingredients, they are safe for kids to use and will leave their skin soft and moisturized.

3 – Unisex Bunny Sweatshirt

Unisex Bunny Sweatshirt
This super cute, bunny-inspired, sweatshirt will make a great Easter stuffer for kids. Made of cotton, it sizes from birth to 7-year-old, and is perfect to wear in spring.

4 – Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit

Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit
A blend of gardening and art, this Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit is super cute and will be a nice activity to do with children. It comes with everything you need to decorate the planter and plant tags, and seeds from three different plants (Marigold, Cosmos, and Zinnia).

5 – 6 Pack Animal Puzzles

4 Pack Animal Puzzles
A cute Easter gifts for toddlers, these Wooden Animal Puzzles will help the little ones with motor skills and hand-eye coordination. With bright colors and big blocks, toddlers will love playing with these.

6 – Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny

Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny
Super soft, super cute, and right on cue for Easter, this little bunny by Melissa & Doug will make an adorable Easter stuffer kids will love to cuddle.

7 – Paint Your Own Wooden Magnet

Paint Your Own Wooden Magnet
For the little painter in your life that enjoys crafts and creating things, the Paint Your Own Wooden Magnet Kit will be an awesome gift. With vibrant paint colors and cute magnets, the kit also includes gem stickers, glitter glue, and brushes.

8 – Kids Adventure Explorer Kit

No products found.

9 – Peanuts Snoopy Easter Egg T-shirt

Easter Egg T-shirt
An adorable T-shirt for kids (and adults too!), it will make a nice Easter gift. Featuring Snoopy and Peanuts surrounded by Easter eggs, the shirt comes in 2 colors and will fit 4 to 12-year-olds.

10 – 12 Pieces Horse/Pony Stamp Kit

Horse/Pony Stamp Kit
For the kids who love horses, this Stamp Kit will make a cute Easter gift. Each stamp has its own ink to make it more practical and avoid messes. With floral and horse patterns, the stamps are colorful and will be loved by kids.

11 – Scented Coloring Pencils

Scented Coloring Pencils
A kid can never have too many pencils and crayons, make it an extra special Easter gift with these Scented Coloring Pencils. The scented pencils are made of recycled newspaper and will stimulate kid's senses, making coloring a multi-sensory experience.

12 – Easter Bunny Onesie

Easter Bunny Onesie
An adorable bunny onesie for babies and toddlers, it comes in several colors and designs and will make a perfect Easter gift. It's made of cotton and the under button design makes it super practical.

13 – Kids Classic Bunny Slippers

Bunny Slippers
Comfy and practical, these Bunny Slippers come in three colors and have non-slip foam soles. They are perfect to have at home, to keep kid's feet warm and stylish. They are washing-machine washable and are made with quality materials so they will last.

14 – Cute Bunny Kids Night Light

Kids Night Light
Kids will love this bunny night light, it's cute and practical at the same time, they'll love having it at night. It lights up in 7 different colors, and once fully charged, the battery will last up to 10 hours.

15 – Bunny Travel Mug

Bunny Travel Mug
For older kids, this Bunny Travel Mug will make a useful Easter gift to bring to school or on field trips. With its double-wall vacuum seal, it keeps drinks cold or hot for several hours. It's made of stainless steel for safety and the design and colors are super cute.

16 – 12 Pack Cute Bunny Gel Ink Pen

Bunny Gel Ink Pens
The perfect thing to add to an Easter gift basket, these Cute Bunny Gel Ink Pen are adorable. You can either split them between different baskets or add the whole pack to one.

17 – Bunny Alarm Clock

Bunny Alarm Clock
Perfect for older kids, this Bunny Alarm Clock is adorable and makes a great practical gift. With 5 different ringtones and a cool design, it will make a nice addition to the kid's room. It can also serve as a night light.

18 – Kids Camera

Kids' Camera
Perfect as a first camera, it will take quality pictures and videos while being super resistant. There is a bunch of features kids will love, and it also includes a couple of educational games.

19 – Pastel Bunny Glycerin Soap

Bunny Glycerin Soap
These colorful little bunnies will look great inside your Easter gift basket! They smell as good as they look and they'll make bath time fun. Handcrafted in Delaware, they're made with quality and safe ingredients to leave skin clean and moisturized.

20 – 7 Pack Easter Cookie Cutters

Easter Cookie Cutters
For the little chef in your life, these cookie cutters will make a nice gift. Spend time cooking together, making and decorating yummy cookies for Easter.

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