35+ epic sports gifts for boys

For the active boy in your life who’s into sports and can’t stay still for too long, we have carefully selected the best sports gifts for boys. From outdoor games to sport-themed bedroom decorations and everything in between, you’ll find something he’ll love, no matter what sports he likes best and no matter your budget.

Whether you are looking for a Christmas sports gift or something special for his birthday, find inspiration in this gift guide and discover the perfect gift he will love and have a use for.

Keep on reading to discover some of the best sports gifts for boys available out there.

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Gift guide for sporty kidsOur top pick from this list:

Outdoor activitiesSports gifts for boys:

1 – Capture The Flag Redux

Redux: The Original Glow in The Dark Capture The Flag Game | Ages 8+ | Outdoor Games for Kids and Teens | Glow in the Dark Games | Sports Gifts for Boys | Alternative to Laser Tag Guns & Flag Football

A best-seller game and families’ favorite, Capture the Flag Redux is a lot of fun and will get everyone running around outside. The best part: the accessories glow in the dark – kids will love it.

There are 12 different ways you can play, 4 to 20 players are required, and the recommended age is 8 and up. All age groups can play together – you’ll just need to have enough space like a big garden or inside a gym…

A great sports gift idea for boys, it will get everyone laughing and running.

2 – Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine

Franklin Sports MLB Kids Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine - Automatic Youth Pitching Machine with (6) Plastic Baseballs Included -Youth Baseball Pitcher for Kids Ages 3+

For a baseball player, help him improve his pitch with this Baseball Pitching Machine. It’s a great training machine for kids, with just the perfect speed. The angle and height are adjustable, there’s a 7-second interval between pitches and a flashing indicator.

It comes with 6 plastic balls (you can’t use regular ones) – some people recommend using wiffle or jugs balls

3 – GoSports Slammo Game Set

GoSports Slammo Game Set (Includes 3 Balls, Carrying Case and Rules) - Outdoor Lawn, Beach & Tailgating Roundnet Game for Kids, Teens & Adults

Definitely a top birthday or Christmas gift for boys, this Slammo Game Set is an awesome outdoor game kids and adults alike will enjoy playing.

It’s a 2 on 2 game, similar to volleyball where each team has 3 hits to spike the ball into the ankle-high circular net.

The set includes 1 slammo target, 2 competition size balls, 1 training ball, travel carrying case, and game rules. It’s recommended for ages 12 and up, but it can be fun for younger kids as well if all the players are about the same age.

4 – Whoobli Punching Bag for Kids

Whoobli Punching Bag for Kids Incl Boxing Gloves | 3-10 Years Old Adjustable Kids Punching Bag with Stand | Boxing Bag Set Toy for Boys & Girls (Red White); New 2024…

A great way to release energy and have some fun, a punching bag will make a great sports gift for active kids.

The height is adjustable and it comes with punching gloves. Made of leather, it’s a durable a sturdy product. Just fill the base with water or sand and you’re good to go.

This one is perfect for 3 to 8-year-olds, for older boys, you can check out this option (it includes the gloves as well and can be used at any age).

5 – RaboSky Dart Game

Magnetic Dart Board Game for Kids, Double-Sided Dartboard with 12 Magnet Darts, Cool Toys Gifts for Boys Ages 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 and Up, Fun Indoor Outdoor Sports Stuff for Teen

Darts is such a classic game and kids usually love to play, but it can be a bit dangerous to let them play unattended, the RaboSky Dart Gam solves that problem.

Made with a magnetic board and magnetic darts, it’s safe to play and will make the perfect sports gift for boys!

It comes with a double-sided board and 12 darts. The set is durable and sturdy, you can also easily roll it for storage if you don’t want to leave it on the wall or to bring it with you on trips.

6 – Yes4All Balance Board Trainer

Yes4All Balance Board, Surf Balance Board Trainer For Adults With Adjustable Stoppers, Improve Balance, Agility & Core Strength

Balance board trainers are a great way to improve balance and core strength, it’s also a lot of fun. Boys who love board sports will love to practice their skills with a balance board.

The Yes4All Balance Board can be used indoor as well as outdoor, you just need a flat surface. The anti-skid pad on the surface provides a secure grip for safety – it also includes two removable stoppers for beginners and extra safety.

7 – Pindaloo Transparent Juggling Skill Toy

Original pindaloo Skill Game with 2 Balls- Gifts for Kids and Adults Indoor & Outdoor Games, Ball Toys for Boys, Girls, & Teens - Gift Ideas, Fun Stuff, Develops Motor & Juggling Skills-Transparent

Challenging and fun, hone your motor skills and improve your hand to eye coordination with the Pindaloo Juggling Toy. It’s addictive and will make a good gift for active boys.

You can play outdoor as well as indoor, which is great for rainy or colder days.

8 – Ninja Warrior Line Obstacle Course

2×56ft Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids - 600 lbs Weight Capacity, Slackline Obstacle Course with 8 Ninja Accessories - Monkey Bar, Rope Ladder, Gymnastic Ring, Arm Trainer and Monkey Fist

An awesome gift for kids with a garden or a park nearby, this Ninja Warrior Line Obstacle Course Kit will surely be a hit.

It’s easy to install and uninstall so you can carry it around and bring it anywhere with you. You’ll just need two trees or posts and you’re set.

It includes several challenging and fun obstacles for kids. Just adjust the spacing and incline of the line to modify the difficulty level.

It’s made of heavy-duty materials, using strict safety norms to guarantee durability and safety.

9 – GoSports Pro Grade Ladder Toss

GoSports Ladder Toss Indoor & Outdoor Game Set with 6 Soft Rubber Bolo Balls and Travel Carrying Case - Choose Pro or Classic

The GoSports Pro Grade Ladder Toss will make an awesome Christmas or birthday gift for boys. It’s easy to play and the whole family will love it.

The set is easy to set up and carry around, it includes 2 targets with score trackers, 6 rubber bolos, a carrying case, and the rules. Being made of rubber, it’s safe for kids and can be played indoors.

10 – Elite Sportz Ring Toss Game

Elite Sportz Ring Toss Games for Kids - Indoor Holiday Fun or Outdoor Yard Game for Adults & Family - Easy to Set Up w/Compact Carry - Backyard Toys, Gifts for Boys and Girls

Another great sports gift boys will love, this Ring Toss Game is a classic the whole family will enjoy playing. It’s easy to set up, requires limited space, and is a lot of fun.

11 – Flybar Pogo Ball for Kids

Flybar Pogo Trick Ball for Kids, Trick Bounce Board for Boys and Girls Ages 6+, Up to 160 lbs, Includes Pump, Easy to Carry Handle, Durable Plastic Deck Indoor, Outdoor Toy Pogo Jumper (Green Mean)

A thrilling combo of a kids balance board, a pogo stick, and a jump ball, the Flybar Pogo Ball for Kids will surely please the sports fan and active boy in your life.

He will love playing with this, it’s challenging but a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. It can be used outdoor as well as indoor.

It’s recommended for 6-year-olds up (weight up to 160 lbs). The ball is super sturdy, and if it breaks the company will send you a replacement one for free.

12 – Basketball Arcade Game

Franklin Sports Basketball Arcade Game - Table Top Bounce A Bucket Shootout - Indoor Electronic Basketball Gameroom Game for Kids

The ultimate gift for a basketball player, this Arcade Game is sure to please, and believe it or not, it’s also budget-friendly.

Just put it on a table (you’ll need to assemble it when you receive it) and he can start playing, throwing the mini balls through the loops marking point. He can play by himself to practice or with family or friends.

Assembling it can be difficult for someone who’s not handy.

13 – Hover Soccer Ball Set

Hover Ball Set with 2 Goals, USB Rechargeable with LED Light and Inflatable Soccer Ball, Air Floating Soccer with Safe Bumper for Indoor Outdoor Sports Ball Game, Football Toy for Boy Girl Best Gift

For young soccer fans, help them practice and develop their skills right at home. The kit includes two goals and a soccer ball for kids, and best of all, a hover soccer ball.

With the hover ball, you can play inside safely without risking breaking something or scratching the floor. It’s perfect for people without a garden or when the weather is too bad to play outside.

14 – Jazzminton Paddle Ball Game

Jazzminton Lite – Indoor & Outdoor Game for Family and Friends – 2 Paddles, 2 Birdies, 1 Ball - All Season Paddle Game for Kids and Adults – Take Your Kids Outside for Some Active Fun

Kids will be kept busy for hours playing this fun racket game. It’s perfect to spend some time outdoors, blowing off some steam.

The set includes 2 fluorescent wooden paddles, 1 ball, 2 birdies, and a bag. The yellow birdy is for fast play and the red for slow play. This game is appropriate for ages 6 and up.

The paddles are durable and are meant to last, even when roughed up by kids.

15 – Flag Football Set

No products found.

If he doesn’t already own one, this Flag Football Set will make an awesome gift for football fans and active boys.

The set includes two sets of 6 flags and adjustable belts. and a ball for kids (6-year-old and up). It’s a great way to spend time with friends and family.

16 – Throw Throw Burrito by Exploding Kittens: Extreme Outdoor Edition

Throw Throw Burrito by Exploding Kittens: Extreme Outdoor Edition - A Dodgeball Card Game - Family-Friendly Party Card Games for Adults, Teens & Kids

Probably one of the most hilarious games out there, Throw Throw Burrito: Extreme Outdoor Edition will make an awesome sports gift for boys.

Head outside, make sure nothing is on the way, and let the fun begin! Try to collect matching sets of oversized cards faster than your opponents while simultaneously ducking, dodging, and throwing 3-foot tall inflatable burritos. The cards you collect earn points, but getting hit by flying giant burritos loses them.

The game can be played by 2 to 6 players, and is meant for people 7-year-old and up.

17 – Croquet Set

Juegoal Six Player Croquet Set with Wooden Mallets Colored Balls for Lawn, Backyard and Park, 28 Inch

The perfect gift to discover a new sport and develop motor skills and coordination, this croquet set is durable and practical to carry anywhere with you . It can be used at the park, in your garden, or even at the beach for added difficulty.

The set Includes 6 Burlywood hardwood handles, 6 hardwood mallets with caps for added protection, 2 hardwood ending stakes, 6 weather-resistant molded balls, 9 steel wickets with vinyl coating, and a bag for storage and transport.

18 – Reusable Water Balls

Thrillzoo Battle Blasters - Reusable Water Balloons, 51 Count. Water Games for Kids Outside. Water Balls, Water Splash Balls, Water Balloon Game, Water Balloons for Kids, Summer Toys and Outdoor Toys

What kid doesn’t like a good water balloon fight? This summer, gift them the more eco-friendly version of the popular game. With 50 reusable water balls, in two colors, get your team ready and start the battle of the century!

Kids of any age can play, the balls are softer than regular balloons and won’t hurt them.

19 – GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower

GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower - Stacks Up to 5 ft - Natural Wood

The toppling tower game is timeless and has been a classic game for so long now. Try out this giant version of the game for extra fun and added difficulty.

Once set up the tower reaches 5 feet – even small kids can participate just find something they can climb onto to reach the top of the tower.

Everyone will love it. It’s the perfect gift for competitive kids who like a good challenge. It requires some thinking, teaching kids about the hard law of physics, while honing their motor skills

20 – Kubb Viking Clash Toss Game

GoSports Kubb Viking Clash Toss Game Set for Kids & Adults

A fun game the whole family will enjoy, the Kubb Viking Clash Toss game is challenging yet easy to play. Made to play outside, throw batons to knock down your rival’s army of kubbs first and then their king to win the game.

Kids always love when they get to destroy things and this game will be no exception. it’s a great way to spend time outside, have some family fun time, and release some energy.

21 – GYROOR Hoverboard

Gyroor Hoverboard Off Road All Terrian 6.5' Two-Wheel G11 Flash LED Light Self Balancing Hoverboards with Bluetooth Music Speaker and UL 2272 Certified for Kids Adults Gift.(Blue)

You are sure to please with this gift, probably the coolest one on this list, most boys dream of having a hoverboard. The GYROOR Hoverboard is the ultimate sports gift for boys.

Hoverboards are all the rage at the moment and are a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

Powered by a 600-watt motor, the tires can be used off roads on all sorts of terrains. Via the app, you can control modes and adjust speed. It also comes with a kart seat which is also a lot of fun and is safer for younger kids (you can adjust the length).

LED lights and a Bluetooth speaker are also integrated into the hoverboard.

Sports-themed gifts for boys:

22 – The Mug With A Hoop

MAX'IS Creations The Mug with a Hoop, Basketball Mug Novelty Mug w Mini Hoop, Big Funny Coffee Mug, Coach Gift, Basketball Gifts for Boys 8-12 12-14, Basketball Accessories, 16oz

You won’t see many mugs like this, and for once, playing with food will be allowed. It will make a fun gift for basket players or fans.

The brand has created a mug for almost any type of sports, so make sure to check out their store if the boy you are looking to buy a gift for is not into basketball.

23 – MasterPieces NFL-Opoly Junior Board Game

Masterpieces NFL-Opoly Junior Board Game - Collector's Edition Set for Ages 6+ - Officially Licensed NFL Opoly Jr Board Game

For the NFL fan or football player, discover this monopoly with a twist. Instead of properties, buy and trade NFL teams, making money to win the game.

It will make a nice addition to family game nights or to play with friends. If you know how to play Monopoly, you won’t need to know anything about football to play.

24 – Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker Hat

Bluetooth Beanie Hat with LED Light for Kids, Built-in Microphone and Stereo Speakers Upgrade Music Knitted Hat USB Rechargeable Music Hat (Black, Kid)

A unique and cool gadget boys will love, this speaker hat looks amazing and features a seamless headphones. The battery life when playing music is around 6 hours – the sound quality is pretty good for what it is.

25 – Soccer Collapsible Water Bottle

ETHLETICO Collapsible Water Bottles with Carabiner Food Grade Sports Water Bottle for Gift Kids Folding Water Bottle for Hiking, GYM, School, Sports and Travelling 19Oz/550ml BPA Free (Soccer)

A cool gift for a soccer fan, this Collapsible Water Bottle is the perfect accessory to help him stay hydrated during practice. Once empty it collapses to resemble a ball, it will also help save space.

It comes for tennis, golf, football, basketball, and baseball players too.

26 – GoPro Camera HERO7

GoPro Camera HERO7, Silver

For the action sports lover, a Go Pro is a must. It will make a thoughtful gift for older kids and teens who are into sports and want to film their adventures.

The Go Pro HERO7 is not the latest model from the renowned brand, but it’s cheaper and is great for a first-time. It will take beautiful 4K footages and you can get the proper accessories for different types of uses or sports. It’s waterproof and voice-activated for easier use.

27 – 2 Piece Kids Bedspread

MarCielo 2 Piece Kids Bedspread Quilts Set Throw Blanket for Teens Boys Bed Printed Bedding Coverlet, Twin Size, Blue Basketball Football Sports, American Football (Twin)

A fun gift boys will love, this glow-in-the-dark football is a unique thing that will make playing football at night extra special.

Just leave the ball in the sun during the day, and at night it will glow for several hours. The ball is a size 6 and is waterproof.

28 – Glow in The Dark Football

ALKOMI Glow in The Dark Football, Light Up Football, Holographic Football, Glow in Dark Football Youth Size 6, Sports Gifts for Boys

A fun gift boys will love, this glow-in-the-dark football is a unique thing that will make playing football at night extra special.

Just leave the ball in the sun during the day, and at night it will glow for several hours. The ball is a size 6 and is waterproof.

29 – Skillmatics Guess in 10 World of Sports

Skillmatics Card Game - Guess in 10 Sports, Perfect for Boys, Girls, Kids, and Families Who Love Toys, Board Games, Gifts for Ages 6, 7, 8, 9 and Up

For 6-year-olds and up, the whole family will be entertained by this game. You get 10 questions to guess which sport is on the card with clues to help out if needed. There are 50 cards in the games so probably a lot of new sports to discover and learn about.

It will help kids build communication skills and expand their general knowledge while having fun. There’s no need to have a vast knowledge of sports to play this game.

30 – Kid’s Oversized Baseball Pattern Blanket

mucloth Kids Oversized Soccer American Football Pattern Hooded Soft Sherpa Blanket Cloak with Hood (Baseball, Kids)

Soft and comfy, get ready to wrap yourself in your favorite sport! This kid’s oversized blanket comes in five different sport patterns (baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, and football.)

It’s the perfect thing to have when watching an outdoor game, it will keep you warm and comfy.

31 – Sports Table Lamp

Signature Design by Ashley Nyx Youth 24' Baseball & Football Athletic Table Lamp, Brown & Orange

A beautiful gift that will bring a special touch to his bedroom, this Sports Table Lamp is designed with care to please any sports lover. A basketball, football, and baseball are stacked with a complementing white lampshade that will add value to any sports fan room’s interior decor.

32 – Big Book of WHO Baseball

Big Book of WHO Baseball (Sports Illustrated Kids Big Books)

For the curious kid who wants to learn everything there is to know about his favorite sport, the Big Book of WHO Baseball by Sports Illustrated features facts about baseball and many important and famous players.

Illustrated with photography, the book includes player profiles, facts, and stats, organized into five comprehensive categories: Champions, Super Sluggers, Prime Pitchers, Cool Characters, and Record Breakers.

33 – Sports Themed Canvas Prints

Vintage Sports Theme Canvas Wall Art Set of 4 Basketball Baseball Volleyball Cool Balls Picture Prints on Canvas Soccer Football Posters for Boy Room Decor Rustic Artwork Boys'Gift 12x12inchx4pcs

Wall prints always make good gifts as you can choose the right design and they are pretty durable, and if chosen well, kids won’t outgrow them. The kid in your life will love these sports-themed ones and will never get tired of them.

Featuring four of the most popular sports of all time: football, soccer, baseball, and basketball, these prints are printed on canvas and stretched on a wooden frame. They come ready to hang.

34 – MasterPieces NFL Matching Game

MasterPieces NFL Denver Broncos Matching Game, For Ages 3+

The perfect sports gifts for little boys, the MasterPieces NFL Matching Game comes for all 32 teams, just pick his favorite team.

35 – Custom Stitched Football Jerseys

Custom Football Jersey Personalized Stitched/Printed Team Name & Number for Men Women Youth

For the football fan or player, a custom jersey will make an awesome gift he won’t forget! The Custom Stitched Football Jersey comes in a bunch of colors and you can customize it with any number, name, and logo.

Those jerseys are of great quality and are made to last. The name and number are stitched so it won’t peel off no matter how often you wash it. The fabric is breathable and light.

Things to keep in mind when buying sports gifts for boys:

  • Age appropriateness – depending on old he is, he might not like every gifts on this list, some might be too easy for him while others will be too hard – always keep his age in mind.
  • What are his favorite sports? Does he just like sports in general, he is really active and likes anything that involves running around and letting off some steam? Is he really a fan of a sport in particular? What’s his favorite team? answering all of these questions will help you pinpoint the best sports gifts for him.
  • If he practices a sport, does he need anything? Getting him some equipment can be a good idea or pitching in for a sports summer camp.

How to pick the best sports gifts for boys?

It might take a bit of fishing around but once you’ve thought of everything listed above, you should be ready to pick the best gift for him.

If he’s a fan of a team in particular, you can get him official merch. If he practices a sport, find something related like equipment or decoration for his bedroom. If he likes to be active, pick an outdoor game. If you want a gift that will benefit the whole family, look at some of the family-friendly games listed above or pick a board game. If he’s the nerdy type, pick a book about his favorite sport…

When it comes to sports gifts for boys, possibilities are endless and you’re sure to find something he’ll love.

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