30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Looking for a 30th birthday gift to celebrate this special day? I’ve selected below some of the best gift ideas for women to get them on their 30th birthday. Whether it’s for your wife, daughter, sister, or best friend, you’ll find great ideas listed below.

Picking a gift can be hard because you want it to be thoughtful and useful. The first thing to check is if she needs or wants anything related to one of her hobbies or passions. Ask yourself what she does in her free time and see if there’s not something you could get her.

Don’t hesitate to ask, studies have shown people usually prefer to receive gifts they asked for rather than surprises.

Experiences can also be good ideas, get her a spa day, a skydiving session, a cooking class, a weekend getaway… Depending on what she likes and your budget, you should be able to find something nice.

Acts of service can also be a great way to celebrate her birthday. Cook her a delicious meal, offer to babysit, run her errands, whatever that can make her life easier.

For more specific ideas, I’ve listed below some of the best 30th birthday gifts for her, from budget-friendly items to splurge-worthy ones.

I like to use Etsy for gifts, as they’re usually handmade by small companies and often handcrafted in the US. It’s also great for customized and sentimental gifts.

I’ve also included gift ideas from Amazon for the classics.

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Birthday Care Package for her

Birthday Care Package for her

Including a bit of everything, this gift box will make a perfect present for her. You can choose from different boxes depending on what you want inside and customize the tumbler with her name.

You’ll find plenty of other types of birthday gift boxes on Etsy, don’t hesitate to have a look as the content can be quite different from one to another.

30th Birthday Wine Label

Wine Label

This 30th Birthday Wine Label (paired with a nice bottle of wine) will make a thoughtful and fun gift. You’ll be mailed the label and then you can just stick it on the bottle you’ve picked.

30th Birthday Necklace

Birthday necklace

Featuring 3 rings for 3 decades, this classy necklace is a perfect keepsake to mark this special day and the beginning of her thirties. You can pick between sterling silver and 14k gold vermeil.

It’s made to order and each piece is unique. It comes with a nice packaging and you can ask the seller to add a message.

Funny Birthday Candle

Funny Birthday Candle

If you’re looking for a fun 30th birthday gift, this candle is a perfect idea. Pick from 5 different scents.

Personalized Newspaper

Personalized Newspaper

Get a customized newspaper page for her birthday. Send her picture and date of birth to the seller and they’ll make a fun poster including facts from the year she was born.

You can get a digital version and print it at your local print shop or receive a print version.


Thirty is a good time to up one’s skincare routine, these cosmetics are highly rated and bestsellers in their categories. Made with quality ingredients, they’ll help her get a radiant and nourished skin.

You can mix and match or just get her one, depending on your budget. If you want to get her a full routine, then get her at least a cleanser, a serum, and a moisturizer, all adapted to her skin type and concern (if you’re not sure, you can’t go wrong if you pick something for all skin types).

Beauty Accessories

The Gua Sha and ice roller will make a perfect budget-friendly gift or a nice addition to a beauty gift basket.

Recommended by Oprah as the best LED face mask on the market, the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Face Mask is a splurge-worthy gift for a thirty-year-old. It helps boost collagen, reduce scarring, improve skin texture, and smooth fine lines. It’s a must-have for any woman wanting to improve her skin.

Getting Comfy

For the homebody who likes to feel cozy, any of these items will make a thoughtful gift.


If she likes to read, you can’t go wrong with gifting her a book. If you’re not sure which book to get her, What If? and How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety both are bestsellers and hilarious, you can’t go wrong with them.

Otherwise, 50 States, 5,000 Ideas is great if she likes to travel.

For the Kitchen

If she likes to cook, then you’ll find plenty of gift ideas for the kitchen. Whether she wants to learn to make her own pasta, to eat healthier, or to make a barista-grade espresso at home, there are many appliances and gadgets to choose from.


If she’s into mindfulness, meditation, astrology… she’ll love getting one of these deck of cards.

More Beauty Stuff

You can’t really go wrong with pampering gifts, the shower steamers will wrap her in a bubble of essential oils, the packaging of the sheet mask will make her laugh, and the rosé under-eye patches will provide a luxurious self-care session.


With electronics, possibilities are endless. The SleepPhones will make quite a unique gift, few people know about these, yet they make listening to music or watching a movie in bed comfortable. These headphones are made to sleep with, providing comfort to side sleepers.

If she likes to read, then a Kindle might be a good idea. She can have thousands of books with her at all times and get most books she wants instantly. If she already has one, you could get her a Kindle membership, so she can get free e-books.

If she’s an Apple girl, then you can’t go wrong with an Apple Watch.

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