Best Iron 6th Year Anniversary Gifts for Her & Him

Your 6th wedding anniversary is right around the corner and you’re looking for the perfect traditional anniversary gift that will fill your spouse with awe? Fear not, we have looked far and wide to come up with this list of the best iron anniversary gifts.

Whether you’re looking for something specifically made of iron or for a romantic and meaningful anniversary gift, no matter your budget, we’ve got you covered with a great selection of gifts that will please your better half.

Iron symbolizes the strong bond between you and your spouse and the strength of your marriage. There are plenty of iron anniversary gift options, such as iron sculptures, decorations, or home items. Keep on reading to discover all the best iron anniversary gifts for him and for her, as well as other inspiring wedding anniversary gifts ideas.

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Most popular gifts on this list:

Iron Anniversary Gift Ideas

When looking for an Iron Anniversary gift for your 6th year together, sculptures are what come to mind if you want something made out of iron. They make great traditional gifts and showcasing them in your home will add a romantic touch to your home decor, as you both will be reminded of your love on that special day marking six years of married life.

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You want to find something that has meaning and will fit your home decor.

Sculptures are not your only option when looking for gifts made of iron. You can also find something useful such as kitchen accessories or something for the house in general. Just keep on reading to find the best iron anniversary gifts for your wife or husband that will symbolize your love and commitment.

1 – 2 Roses Intertwined Together Forever

A symbol of everlasting love, these 2 Intertwined Roses are a romantic gift showing how much you love your spouse. Made of iron, they make a great Iron Anniversary gift idea if you are looking for something meaningful.

The roses are hand-forged by a master blacksmith in Europe and make a great decorative piece for your home.

2 – Cast Iron Handcrafted Sculpture

This Cast Iron Handcrafted Sculpture was designed by up-and-coming American artist Danya B and represents an embracing couple. Symbolizing harmony and commitment, this loving embrace conveys the power of love and devotion.

Finely crafted, the sculpture is a true piece of art and a perfect 6th-anniversary gift idea if you are looking for something romantic to gift your spouse.

3 – NOVICA Recycled Auto Parts Romantic Metal Sculpture

Novica provides a marketplace for artisans from small communities around the world. Most of the profit goes directly back to the artisans and empowers them to make a decent and fair living out of their crafts.

This Romantic Metal Sculpture was designed and handcrafted by Mexican artist, Armando Ramirez. Each piece is unique and features a cute couple sitting on a bench. The sculpture is made of up-cycled iron auto parts.

Not only a beautiful and meaningful gift for your 6th year anniversary but also a way of doing a good deed by supporting artisans from small communities and buying something made of recycled parts.

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A beautiful traditional gift idea.

4 – Hanging Metal Wall Art Iron Sculpture – Couple Sitting on a Window Sill

A beautiful sculpture to hang on a wall to bring a special touch to your home decor. Conveying love, companionship, and intimacy, the Couple Sitting on a Window Sill Iron Sculpture is another piece from artist Danya B.

Handcrafted using the sand casting method and made of wrought iron, it’s a romantic 6th anniversary gift that will last and be a constant reminder of your love and commitment to each other.

5 – Passionate Kiss Sculpture Iron Statue

The last iron sculpture on this list to gift your spouse for your 6th year anniversary, the Passionate Kiss Iron Statue is a symbol of love and closeness. Finely handcrafted, this sculpture will last and will add a meaningful touch to your home. It will fit well in most home decor, and you’ll both love looking at it, reminded of this special milestone.

6 – Japanese Cast Iron Tea Kettle

Other great iron anniversary gifts include household items, like this Japanese Cast Iron Tea Kettle, which is at the same time, beautiful, meaningful, and useful.

The tea kettle comes in 14 colors, 2 designs, and 4 sizes. The exterior is made of cast iron and the inside of enamel to ensure quality and durability. It comes with a stainless steel tea infuser and is stovetop-safe. The handle is ergonomic and doesn’t heat.

It makes a perfect iron sixth anniversary gift and is a nice addition to your household items. It’s a timeless piece that will impress your spouse.

7 – Cast Iron Heart Trivet

When looking for iron anniversary gifts, trivets are a good option as well. They’re useful, and you can find one made of iron which will add meaning to the gift.

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This Cast Iron Heart Trivet is the perfect find as it symbolizes love by its shape and your 6th year anniversary by its material.

It comes in 4 vibrant colors, blue, brown, silver, and grey. It’s sturdy and made to last.

8 – GALROSE Galvanized Iron Mint Julep Cups

These rustic tumblers are made from galvanized iron with a stainless steel, double-walled, inner lining, and make a perfect iron anniversary gift. They are quite unique and are just the right type of glasses to serve cocktails.

Made by craftsmen in India with a rose gold finish, they’ll compliment your home decor while giving a stylish look to your cocktail nights.

You can check out more household iron products from Galrose.

9 – Hand Forged Heart Ring Dish

The Hand Forged Heart Ring Dish is a great iron anniversary gift for your wife so she can store small jewelry and always be reminded of your love. It can also be used as a key dish or to store small items.

Beautiful handcrafted, this black heart-shaped ring dish was made by a talented blacksmith, each piece is unique. You can additionally customize it, adding text to it. Write a loving message to make this gift even better.

10 – Shooting Star Jar – Iron Meteorite

This piece of iron meteorite in a jar is a unique gift and probably the most meaningful sixth anniversary gift on this list. You would gift your spouse the moon if you could, and this iron meteorite is close enough to symbolize this.

The black iron meteorite comes from a large asteroid that once orbited the sun between Mars and Jupiter and acquired its special form and texture entering our atmosphere.

11 – Decorative Black Iron Heart-Shape Picture Frame

This gift has it all: made of iron, heart-shaped, and personalizable, it will definitely get a WOW out of your spouse. Find pictures of you and your spouse, maybe reminding you of a special event in your life to make it extra meaningful and special, and add them to this beautiful Black Iron Picture Frame.

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It will add a special touch to your interior bringing beauty and sentimental value to your home decor.

12 – Custom Infinity Symbol with Names

The infinity symbol symbolizes endlessness, something that will last forever. Beautifully handcrafted by master blacksmiths, the Custom Infinity Symbol with Names will represent your love for each other and the strength of your marriage.

It will add a meaningful and elegant touch to your home decor, a constant reminder of your 6th year anniversary.

13 – Hampton Nautical Cast Iron Starfish Decorative Bowl

The Hampton Nautical Cast Iron Starfish Decorative Bowl is a budget-friendly wrought iron anniversary gift your spouse will love. The bowl is made of cast iron, is about 8 inches across, and you can choose from 7 different colors. It makes a nice tabletop decoration and is perfect to store keys or other small items.

14 – Aspen Tree Cast Iron Vintage Bicycle Clock

This Vintage Bicycle Clock by Aspen Tree makes a great iron anniversary gift for the cycling enthusiast in your life. Made of cast iron and painted red, the clock will light up your interior.

Meaningful and cute, surprise your better half with this clock for your 6th year anniversary.

15 – Sungmor Cast Iron Hand Soap Holder

If you are looking for a 6th-year anniversary gift made of iron that is cute, practical, and budget-friendly the Sungmor Cast Iron Hand Soap Holder could be the right fit.

It will definitely bring some charm to your bathroom’s decor with its antique style. The colors will blend in most color schemes and its vintage look will be a nice addition to any home decor.

16 – Decorative Cast Iron Bird Feeder

Perfect for the bird-lover in your life, this Decorative Cast Iron Bird Feeder is a nice addition to your garden or balcony. Use it to put seeds and attract birds right at your doorstep.

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Made of cast iron, it depicts two frogs carrying a leaf. It’s cute and pretty small so even if you don’t have much space it will fit in your garden or even on a balcony.

17 – Party Explosions Tropical Flamingo Decorative Cast Iron Wall Hook

These colorful Flamingo Wall Hooks will add a tropical touch to your home. Made of cast iron, they make a perfect small iron anniversary gift. You could get these for the symbolism and something nicer to go with it.

18 – HomArt Cast Iron Love Keys

A symbol of love, these Cast Iron Love Keys from HomArt will be a nice addition to any home decor. They are cute, adorable, and are a nice romantic iron anniversary gift.

19 – Forziani Iron Tiger Beaded Bracelet

Iron tiger stones are a unique blend of different gemstones (Hematite, Jasper, and Tiger Eye) and contain some iron. The Forziani Iron Tiger Beaded Bracelet is handcrafted in the US using only high-grade and certified gemstones. It’s stretchable so it will fit most wrist sizes and comes in a gift box.

20 – Pyrite Cube Necklace

Pyrite is a type of iron ore that makes a beautiful jewelry stone. Also known as the “fool’s gold”, it resembles gold and is associated with mental stability, intellect, and creativity.

Each necklace is unique and is handcrafted in Arizona by local artists.

21 – Homeries Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Wok

If your spouse loves cooking and enjoys Asian food, getting them a wok is a must. Made of cast iron, it fits the 6th year anniversary theme and it makes a useful gift.

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The Homeries Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Wok is durable, non-stick, and rust-proof. It’s easy to make delicious dishes in it, as the bottom is flat, so it’s sturdier than other woks, and the wooden lid will allow you to maintain just the right temperature.

22 – Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast Iron 7.25 Quart

When you think of iron anniversary gifts, cast iron Dutch ovens might be the first thing that comes to mind. Le Creuset is definitely the leader on the market, offering unrivaled quality. Their Dutch ovens last a lifetime and some, and make a great gift for people who enjoy cooking.

They offer a wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes. For reference, you’ll need at least a 7 quart one to cook a whole chicken.

23 – Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic II Charcoal Grill

The ultimate grill for barbecue lovers, the Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic II Charcoal Grill is at the top of the game when it comes to grilling meat to perfection.

It features a multi-level ceramic grill with a cast iron cart, and locking wheels. It uses the Kontrol tower top vent technology to optimize airflow and allow you to smoke from 225F all the way up to 750F.

Novelty 6th Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Novelty items are perfect if you are looking for funny, budget-friendly gifts, or for a small keepsake to mark the occasion.

24 – Vintage 6th Wedding Anniversary – Level 6 Complete T-Shirt

This 6th wedding anniversary-themed shirt is a nice keepsake to remember your marriage’s 6th-year milestone. It reads “Level 06 complete” and comes in 3 fits, 4 colors, and 6 sizes.

25 – 6 Year Anniversary Coffee Mug for Her

A mug is a classic gift and you can never go wrong with it. Add a special touch to it, by picking one related to the event, in this case, your 6th anniversary.

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The 6 Year Anniversary Coffee Mug for Her by YouNique is simple yet thoughtful and funny, it reads “After 6 years, you’re still the best wife/husband, keep that shit up”.

Check out the “best husband” version here >>

26 – 6 Down Forever To Go Nickel and Penny Key Chain

Handcrafted in the US, this Key Chain is the perfect keepsake to remember your 6th anniversary. Key chains are great gifts as you use and see them every day.

The 6 Down Forever To Go Nickel and Penny Key Chain is made of three pieces, two coins from the year you got married, and an aluminum piece. “6 down, forever to go” is stamped on it and you can customize it by adding a date or your initials.

27 – Broad Bay Personalized 6 Year Anniversary Sign

Based in the US, Broad Bay makes quality custom signs for any occasion. This 6-Year Anniversary Sign is a great reminder of those 6 years spend together. It will be a nice addition to any home decor and will add a romantic and thoughtful touch to your interior.

Made of quality wood, the letters and drawings are carefully applied by hand on the plank to create a unique artwork that will be cherished for years to come.

28 – Custom Engraved Iron Anniversary Periodic Table Glass

For the chemist in your life, this Periodic Table Glass features the iron element, Fe, on one side, and custom text on the other.

It’s a nice iron anniversary gift and it fits the theme perfectly. It’s a good alternative if you are looking for something iron-themed but not made of iron. It makes a cool keepsake that will remind you of this special event and of your 6 years together.

Other gift ideas for your 6th year wedding anniversary

Here is a selection of general anniversary gift ideas if you are looking for more great iron anniversary gifts ideas. You could get a small iron gift from the list above to go along with the tradition while getting something more romantic or useful to celebrate your love.

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29 – OUR MOMENTS Couples: 100 Thought-Provoking Conversation Starters for Great Relationships

Each year spend together marks a new milestone and should be celebrated as it deserves. Take advantage of this special occasion to strengthen your relationship with this thought-provoking gift for couples.

With over one hundred conversation starters, get to discover things about your partner you still ignored, and take time for each other with this funny yet thoughtful game for couples.

30 – Willow Tree – Anniversary Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

The handcrafted figurines from Willow Tree are all the rage at the moment and make fabulous gifts. Expressing love and commitment, this Hand-Painted Figure is a symbol of your union and your feelings toward each other.

All the sculptures are hand-carved and hand-painted by Missouri artist, Susan Lordi. Each piece is unique, a true piece of art.

31 – Personalized Star Map

What is more romantic than gazing at the star? What about getting a print of the night sky on a specific date, maybe a print of the stars’ alignment on your wedding day, or on the first night you met… This Personalized Star Map is a unique iron anniversary gift your spouse won’t forget.

You can fully customize it, adding a quote, your names, the date, and the coordinates. It comes in three sizes. Be careful, this is just the print, it doesn’t come with the frame.

32 – Personalized Wedding Anniversary Matching Bracelets

Made of stainless steel (which contains iron) and leather, these Matching Bracelets are handcrafted in Portugal by local artists. You can customize them to add your names, a date, a short saying… whatever you want.

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It’s adjustable so it will fit most wrist sizes and you can choose between 7 leather colors for each bracelet. Both are the same design, the only difference is the one for women is thinner than the one for men.

33 – VILIGHT Couples Romantic Picture Frame

This Romantic Picture Frame from VILIGHT features a cute quote “I love you most. The end. I win”, a frame to add a picture of you and your better half, and a handmade string heart, set on a wooden background.

This gift is adorable and is the perfect way to express your love and maybe, the mean to settle the endless battle on who loves who more.

34 – Ultimate Journeys for Two: Extraordinary Destinations on Every Continent

If you and your spouse like to travel, you will both love this 6th-year anniversary gift. Published by National Geographics, the Ultimate Journeys for Two features some of the world’s best destinations for couples.

Whatever type of travel you’re into, be it adventurous, laid-back, or everything in between, you’ll find great hidden-gem destinations across the world as well as useful travel tips and recommendations for traveling as a couple.

35 – LDYBRD Hello, Will You, I Do, Map Art Print- Romantic Home Wall Decor

The romantic Map Art Print is an ideal anniversary gift as it represents some of the most important events in your relationship. First, the map of where you met for the first time, then when you got engaged, and lastly, when and where you got married.

The print is super cute and romantic, with heart patterns, and a nice color scheme. It will blend well with most home decor and will make a great iron anniversary gift for your loved one.

36 – INFMETRY Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle

A cute little jar you can fill with romantic and sweet messages for your spouse, this 6th-year anniversary gift is sure to please a sentimental person. It’s a great option if you are looking for something personal and are comfortable with writing.

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There are 25 capsules inside the glass jar, with blank pieces of paper inside so you can add your messages. If you lack inspiration you can add quotes and sayings about love.

37 – Luna Bean LARGE Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

A unique iron anniversary gift, this Hands Casting Kit will allow you to create a molding of your and your wife’s hands holding each other. You can then paint it or leave it as is.

Detailing is incredible and you’ll be left with a unique memory of your 6th year anniversary.

It’s made in the US with high-quality materials that will last and are easy to use. It also comes with detailed instructions on how to use it.

38 – The Big Activity Book For Couples

A cute, little anniversary gift to bring you and your spouse closer, The Big Activity Book For Couples is a lot of fun. Filled with puzzles, quizzes, and challenges, the book is entertaining and perfect for some bonding time or some friendly competition.

39 – Ambient Light Love Beneath The Red Moon

A best seller anniversary gift, the Ambient Light “Love Beneath The Red Moon” will create a romantic, cozy atmosphere when light up. Representing a loving couple under the moon, you can customize it with stickers (included) or write something special on it.

The lamp is elegant and stylish, it will look great in any interior and can be used as a night lamp.

You can choose between 3 light intensities, it works with a touch sensor and a USB charger.

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