30+ Tasty Easter Food Traditions Around the World

Hot Cross Buns - Easter Food Traditions Around the World

Easter is celebrated each year in all Christian nations to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus after the 40 days of Lent and the Holy Week. Each country has its own unique traditions that are reflected in food throughout Easter. From the famous English Hot Cross Buns to the symbolic Fanesca in Ecuador, they are plenty … Read more

15 Cute Easter Gifts for a 2-year-old

Easter Gifts for a 2-year-old

Easter is coming and you want to celebrate the occasion with a special gift for your loved ones? Whether you are shopping for an Easter gift for your grandchildren, your own child, niece or nephew, or your friend’s kid, we have carefully selected the best Easter gifts for a 2-year-old. From Easter gifts for toddlers … Read more

Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Teens

Easter egg hunt ideas for teens

Planning an Easter egg hunt is one of the most exciting parts of this well-loved annual holiday. If you have little ones, it’s always such a fun experience for all. Filling the eggs, hiding them, and watching children retrieve them with such joy is one of the magic elements of this widely celebrated holiday. But, … Read more